Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Been Berry Busy

Monday: Shop for candy in the am, playdate with Dominic in the pm...

Noo ni noo...
I need push pops...
and Swedish Fish! Now, off to play...

What are you talking about Kuya Dominic? Who is Speed Racer?

Tuesday: Go to work

Bye Mommy and Daddy! Be good! I'll call if I'm having dinner at home, might have to work late tonight!
Gosh darn! Traffic sucks!

Wednesday: Get roadside assistance membership...
Seriously! We got this in the mail from AAA! Glitch in the system perhaps? Or they must have noticed Berry has been driving already.

Thursday: Eat! Well, Berry does this every day!

Breakfast! Strawberries and rice cereal!
Lunch. Notice the siga pose, arm on the backrest!
Water break. With one leg up on her chair! Siga talaga!
Snack time! Seaweed Rice Cracker from Whole Foods. Yum! Arm on the backrest again!
Dinner time! Brocolli and sweet potato bisque!

Friday: Playdate with Max...

Hey Max! Happy to see you too!
As Miley says, Put your hands up...Let's party in the USA!
Hey, you want to see me stand on my own?
Tadaa! Look Ma! No hands!

Dear readers, if I've been or will be remiss in my blogging duties, you know what I'm doing! She's getting to be a handful, and her social calendar is busier than mine!


Anonymous said...

soooo sooooo cuuutee, and she drives like a pro, with one hand pa ha!

~ S from DC

LegallyChef said...

Hello Berry! Heard you like yogurt and fruits. hehehe!

Ang cute naman ni Max! And dominic is so big na pala!

JCD said...

So cute! How old is she now? What kind of foods are you feeding her? It seems she has a good healthy appetite.

I am trying to get ideas for food for my 2-year old toddler who seems to be a picky eater!


Unknown said...

Lovely, lovely girl!

deanzky said...

hi! can u share where u got ur booster seat for berry?! i find it cute ... is it comfy?

cd_mfo said...

Hi S! How are you doing?! Hahaha! Yeah, 1 hand pa talaga! So amusing talaga!

Oo Lorr! How time flies no!

Hi JCD! She's 11 months now. I feed her fruits, cereal, apple sauce, rice, carrots, brocolli, chicken and beef. She eats anything! I try to feed her healthy, but she's had sneaks of chocolate and cookies na din! Hahaha! But I heard nga, when the baby gets bigger, they start getting pickier talaga. Sigh!

Thanks Trina! =)

Hi Deanzky! It's a Stokke Tripp Trapp. It grows with the child! So far, it's the only high chair that she likes sitting on. She's tried so many, but this is the one she can stay in throughout the whole meal!

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