Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blog Weekend Giveaway: Baby Mama Breast Pump & Milk Bags

Worth Php 11,000 can you imagine! Thanks Baby Mama for sponsoring such a generous prize!

So breastfeeding mommies, moms-to-be and family & friends of nursing moms and moms-to-be, listen up, here's what you (yes you!) may win for yourself or your loved one:

A compact, lightweight and rechargeable Spectra 9 Breast Pump which retails for Php 9,000. Here are the specs:

* Toggle between 2 modes: massage (to enable letdown) and pumping modes
* Portable
* 2 breastshield kits included
* 1 year warranty
* Dual controls let you easily adjust cycle length and suction strength
* BPA-free
* Recommended accessories: breastkit, milk bags, Avent/Dr Brown/Pigeon bottle converter, milk storage bottles

Along with that of course are 10 boxes of breastmilk bags worth Php 2,000:

Ok, so how does this go? How do you bring home the prize? Simple!

Send us a photo and tell us of the weirdest/craziest places you've breastfed or seen a mom breastfeed! Was it the church, grocery, park, airport? Tell us in one to five sentences! No actual breastfeeding photos needed! Let me start off and show you how:

Photo taken by Dear Hubby

I don't know if this is sacrilege, but I've breastfed inside St. Patrick's Cathedral. I was walking down Fifth Avenue with my baby when she started signing that she wanted milk! Knowing that the church was dark and quiet at that time of day, I went inside and sat on a pew by a pillar and let her drink her milk. I knew God would understand that I can't let my baby go hungry!

Please email your photos and short caption to and we'll post your entries here and in Baby Mama's Facebook page! There, we'll ask everyone to vote for their favorite entry and the winner with the most votes wins!

Entry submissions: May 23 to May 30.
Voting: May 31 to June 6
Announcement of winner: June 7

Contest is limited to Philippine residents only.

Baby Mama offers a range of breastpumps and accessories to help breastfeeding moms continue breastfeeding especially while leading a busy life. This is the place to find the best quality pumps at reasonable prices, as well as customer-oriented service and personal breastfeeding advice. 

Baby Mama carries Spectra and Unimom breast pumps and storage bottles, Lansinoh cream, and ice packs. For their complete product range, visit their website -



Anonymous said...

a mom pumped milk inside the movie theater while the movie was playing.

rye said...

hi! already sent my entry to your email. i also wrote about it here technically, i wrote 2 entries given the number of sentences and images (disregarding the last 1). i just thought giving 2 (basically the same) scenarios would be best. :)

tried to look for baby mama's facebook page but couldn't find it. can you please provide me with the link?

thanks! :)

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