Friday, May 14, 2010

Bravo for Bravado!

Hey breastfeeding mommies in Manila! I have super good news for you! My favorite brand of nursing bras - Bravado Designs is now available in Rustan's!

I highly recommend these, because I have and I love this:

Original Nursing Bra Plus in White (P1,950). I have this in white, black and nude, but it also comes in blush, and get this - leopard! Features flexible sizing which accommodates up to 3 rib bands and 2-3 cup sizes. This is perfect because you don't have to worry about buying a size too small or too big because it can work with your changing cup sizes. I also like the wrap style. I can wear this under a dress or a shirt with deep V-neck, and they just blend in like I have a tank underneath.

and this:
Lifestyle Nursing Bra in Pink (P2,250) is for when you've settled into your nursing cup size. This bra has premium microfiber on the outside of the cups and cotton lining inside. Microfiber is fabulous for support and the cotton makes this bra breathable. I also like it that it's pink! It's just fun to wear, haha!

These are all I've been using, thanks to my friend Belle! She was the one who told me to buy Bravado when I was still pregnant with Berry. She also said this was "the line of bras that Angelina Jolie uses! Hihihi!" (Her exact words! Hahaha!).  But seriously, for me, Bravado is really the best in all fronts (no pun intended!). Let's put it this way, the material is soft and breathable, it's super comfortable, and it's so easy to unclasp and clasp! Also, the strap that the flap hangs onto doesn't hinder baby's mouth when sucking!

In my last trimester, I bought one initially, just to try it out. It felt so good! Way better than a cheapo maternity bra I bought in Target for less than $17. I mean, seriously, don't waste your money on cheap nursing bras. Just go for the best, you won't go wrong. In the end, I bought 7 Bravado nursing bras, and it's all I've been using it since the day Berry was born. So see, it lasts a long time too. It's been almost a year now and they still look good.

There are actually more designs to choose from. I haven't tried these but judging from my satisfaction with 2 of Bravado's nursing bras, these are worth checking out as well:

Body Silk Seamleass Nursing Bra in Pink Ice (P2,450) is designed to melt onto a woman’s body. The molded foam cup bra offers a seamless silhouette, lovely shape and great support. The foam cups are removable. You can keep the cups in to hide nipples and breastpads when you need to. It can also fit up to 4 cup sizes!

The Exquisite Nursing Bra (P3,750) beautifully combines fashion and function. This unique bra features thoughtful details like cups that comfortably stretch to fit a woman’s changing shape, lace that isn't scratchy, a unique and nickel-free gold clip, and exclusive Bravado! Cotton FlexTM fabric inside the cups.

The Essential Nursing Bra Tank (P2,450) has a full, molded-cup bra inside a stylish nursing tank. It has phenomenal support, all the way up to a G cup! Perfect for maternity (it'll stretch and come back to its original shape after washing), transition and nursing, this can be worn for daytime, sleeping, yoga, or layering — the possibilities are endless, making this truly the "essential" tank in a nursing mom's wardrobe!

Bravado also has a line of undies to pair the bras with - from Exquisite Boy Shorts (P1,450) to Maternity Bikinis (P1,250) and Maternity Briefs (P1,450). I didn't bother buying these as I just used my regular undies, but if you want to go all matchy-matchy, then no worries, Bravado's got you covered! Well, sort of!

Bravado is exclusively available at Rustan’s Makati, Edsa Shangri-La and Alabang Town Center.


Eubelle said...

I loved it too! Every time family & friends ask me what nursing bra I would suggest, I always emphasize on Bravada Designs. I tried so many during Eulla's time that when I used this, I said I would not use any other :) After breastfeeding for exactly 14 months and 2 weeks with Tia, the 6 bras I rotated still looks great.

So happy they have it in Pinas already. I will definitely let people know! Thanks for the info.

cd_mfo said...

Same here Belle! I've got all my mommy and mom-to-be friends hooked on Bravado too! Galing ng multiplier effect of your recommendation! Hahaha! We should get commissions out of the sale of Bravado na! Hahaha!

Liza Gonzalez said...

Hi there! I'm from Davao city, any idea how I can order this online? :) Thanks so much!

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