Thursday, August 05, 2010

Shopping SOS: Summer Color Palette

I'm a recent convert to having a capsule wardrobe and I think one of the topics rarely discussed is how to decide on a color palette for purchases.  If you have any tips on this, I'd love to read about it!  The first one I did had a nautical theme so that was easy.  However, coming into summer, I want to add a few pieces and have sort of hit a wall. - Cha

Hi Cha! So so sorry for getting back to you so late on this one! To think that summer is about to give way to fall, because we've got fall pieces trickling into stores!

The beauty about having a capsule wardrobe though is, it will withstand seasons.  (For those not familiar with capsule wardrobes: It's basically made up of core pieces that will allow you mix and match to create new looks, even if all you've really got is a few pieces.)

To make sure that colors in your wardrobe blend well with existing pieces, just make sure to stock up on neutrals. Neutrals that blend well together are: blush tones, grays, whites, beiges, browns, camels, khaki, army greens, and blacks. Here are a couple of looks from that show how great these colors look together or when mixed with denim, stripes, plaids or prints:

Hope this helps Cha! Sorry again for the delay!

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Plus Size Clothing said...

Colors that I really find fashionable together with a summer feel are torquoise/blue and bright strong yellow. It's a loud, bold fashion move but it looks so good in the summer time. Wear a blue dress (2 shades of blue in it, one dark one light) and if possible have a little bit of yellow in it. Then accessorize yellow.

Anonymous said...

Hello :) I agree, yellow does scream summer. Hm, the blue and blue dress idea sounds nice... I've recently bought a dress with sunset colors in it and that seemed to liven up my wardrobe a bit.

Thanks thanks! :)

- Cha

Anonymous said...

Tin, no worries :) Thanks for updating the post. I love the looks! 1, 4 and 5 especially. I've only recently given in to baggy trousers and I think I'll be living in mine throughout autumn. Oh why did I ever resist it, when I could've been lounging in comfort sooner? lol

Thanks again! ;)
Cha xx

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