Saturday, June 05, 2010

Manila Fashion Supplies

Hey, if you are a Fashion Design student, or have family/friends studying fashion, well, I'm just reminding you to get your fashion supplies ready! The school year is about to start and it's time to turn your summer inspirations to fashion!

My friend Vanessa Ang, (yes, THE Vanessa Ang of 2009 Mega Young Designers Competition fame) does not only make pretty, dreamy dresses, she is also the savvy entrepreneur behind Manila Fashion Supplies, where she stocks sewing tools from labels like Dritz, C-Thru and Fairgate. After all, the foundation of a great dress is not based on looks alone, but on quality and how well it is made. And doesn't a designer need the most accurate tools to do that?

According to Vanessa, "As a designer, I have tried out different tools and brands. Good equipment helps you create good quality products! I truly believe that there is a right tool for every job and that precision can be easily achieved with the right instruments."

Here are some of the pieces she has in store. Check out Manila Fashion Supplies for the full product line-up!
Fairgate Fashion Designer Kit - a starter set which includes the following: L-square, hip curve, French curve, grading ruler and a patternmaking manual.

Fairgate French Curve - a metal ruler for creating armholes, necklines, blending and other curves

Fairgate Fashion 3-in-1 Rule - a transparent acrylic ruler that is a combination of the hip curve, French curve and grading ruler and permits viewing of one’s work underneath.

*Fairgate rulers have been made in the U.S. in Cold Springs, New York since 1946. They are made of a special grade of aluminum that resists bending and tough crystal clear acrylic. They are certified accurate by the New York State Department of Weights & Measures. They undergo individual rigorous testing to insure accuracy and precision.

Dritz Tailor's Ham - a tightly stuffed pillow used for pressing & molding darts, sleeve caps and curved seams.

*Dritz is a subsidiary of Germany-based world-leader William Prym GmbH & Co., a leading producer of sewing notions and products.

C-Thru 18"x2" 8ths Grading Ruler - a clear plastic ruler that is divided into 1/8 of an inch for seam allowances and straight lines. 

*C-THRU is an international leader in the production of measurement and drafting tools. They pioneered the manufacture of plastic rulers in the United States in 1939. Their commitment to meticulous quality is the cornerstone of their company.

As Vanessa says, "Designing and making clothes are hard enough as it is. Don’t make yourself more stressed out by using inaccurate tools!"

For inquiries or orders, visit Manila Fashion Supplies or email and take advantage of their back-to-school offer: FREE SHIPPING within Metro Manila!

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Part Time Homemaker said...

Thanks for this, I found her site through this post. :-) I wrote a short post on sewing supplies (fabrics, sewing notions) in Manila as well:

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