Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mowdeling the Alexa

When the Alexa was first released, my friend Ing aka The Baghag and I got so excited over Twitter that I am not surprised we both ended up getting one in Oak. While Ingrid has the Oversized Alexa, which is what Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo tote around, I got the Alexa, which is the regular or standard size.

The difference in price is just $100 (the Alexa is $1,150 and the Oversized is $1,250) so I would say the Oversized Alexa is a much better deal. You get more bag for an additional $100.

Alexa Stats
Measurements: 12”W x 10”H x 4.5”D
Handle Drop: 1.5”
Shoulder Strap Drop: 22” – 25"

Oversized Alexa Stats
Measurements: 14"W x 12"H x 6"D
Handle Drop: 2.5".
Shoulder Strap Drop: 19" - 22"

But since I am petite, I decided to get the Alexa, which I would think is the right size and weight for me. I also figured, with my lifestyle, I would be better off slinging the bag around than carrying it on the crook of my arm. I need both hands free with Berry getting more active by the day. And I can't do that with big or heavy bags. Not that the bag isn't heavy at all, it still is actually. Nothing can beat a Goyard when it comes to lightness, but I like that the Alexa has a long shoulder strap that can be worn across the body and it fits all my essentials with room to spare. So yeah, I'm pretty happy with the Alexa even if the Oversized is the more popular and more sulit bag!

To A Loopy Life, here's how the Alexa looks like on me (I'm 5'2" and 95 lbs) !

Front, worn across the body

Back, worn across the body

 Side, worn across the body

Carried by the handle
(Romper by MaxStudio, studded belt from J.Crew, sandals from K.Jacques, bangles by Amrita Singh)

Honestly, I still feel the Oversized is a great deal for just an additional $100. But it really depends on one's lifestyle. Ultimately, I think the Oversized Alexa works best for those who really like big bags and carry a lot of things with them. If you get around in a car, and don't walk around with a bag slung on your shoulder, then by all means get the Oversized*, it's better value for money. But if you are like me and you walk around a lot and have your hands full most of the time, the Alexa is a more practical size I would think!

*UPDATE: My friend Kat, who owns 2 Alexas, has this to say about the Oversized: "It's like an attache case, so if you will be using the shoulder strap, ang sakit nun (It's going to hurt!)". She hit the nail on the head! Take note that the Oversized is the size of a Bayswater, and without the two handles, you can only sling the bag on your shoulder or carry it by the handle ala Alexa and Olivia. That's what I meant by recommending the Oversized only if you don't see yourself carrying it around for long hours.


A Loopy Life said...

You look great! Thanks for the pics! This size looks just perfect on you. :)

cd_mfo said...

Thanks! And you're welcome A Loopy Life! =)

I'm Razielle, I love hopia. said...

your baby is the cutest! :-)

neva | manilamommy said...

thanks for mowdelling the alexa!! now i know how big it is. although the size is perfect, the oversized does seem like a much better deal (more room for baby's stuff haha)

cute ni berry!!!

cd_mfo said...

Awww, thanks Raz! =)

Heehee, thanks Neva! Yeah, if I live in Manila, I would get the Oversized! More bag for the buck! Hahaha!

jcd said...

i love the alexa and seeing how it looks on you makes me want it more. it's sold out everywhere. may i ask where you got yours?

Eubelle said...

you are so bad tin! i am SO in LOVE with that bag especially after you modeled it. I WANT ONE! i wont be able to go to sleep figuring out how i can ask dear hubby for one. what was your technique? HELP!

cd_mfo said...

Hi jcd! I got it from lagarconne.com, they're accepting pre-orders now, shipping out July! =)


cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! You're so funny Belle! I will email you! Hahaha!

jcd said...

thanks for the info on where you got your alexa. just wondering if ok for them to ship to the philippines...! ;-)

jcd said...

Pahabol comment: May I also request to see how the inside of the alexa looks? Am wondering how I will be organizing my stuff + baby stuff inside.

Need to tell the hubby that this is a multi-functional bag and thus a worthy investment... ;-)

cd_mfo said...

Hi jcd! Yes! Lagarconne.com ships worldwide! Shipping is $50 via Fedex. Will post pics asap! We need you to have this bag, hahaha!

Amy said...

Ahh this whole outfit is very chic! Who is the dress by?

jcd said...

very tempting....! ;-p

if you ship via fedex is it pretty safe? i have heard many horror stories from friends who never received stuff they ordered online and i would hate to lose the alexa in transit...

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Amy! It's actually a romper from MaxStudio! I've posted other outfit details under the last photo, heehee =)

Posted inside pics jcd! I am not too sure about Fedex, but maybe it will be better if you get a tracking number from Lagarconne for peace of mind!

kong-chu said...

sigh, inggit! I looove the alexa too.. That would be my next bag purchase :D I have the baywater and I really really like it except for one major thing... its heavy :(

cd_mfo said...

Jcd! I have a better idea! Why not ask LaGarconne to send it to Johnny Air in NY? Then Johnny Air will ship it to you? I've never had any problems with Johnny Air shipping! And I think shipping it that way will come out a bit cheaper if not the same!

Yvonne said...

which do u think is heavier? the balenciaga part-time or the oversized alexa? i'm trying to decide between the oversized and small alexa... how i wish i can just purchase both! LOL

cd_mfo said...

Hi Yvonne! Balenciagas are lighter! I had a hard time choosing bet the Oversized and the regular too, but since I walk a lot, the lighter of the two became the obvious choice! =)

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