Sunday, June 13, 2010


Michelle Obama really does have great taste and an eye for the sublime! Because she's wearing the Carrington Necklace from Fenton/Fallon for J.Crew that I've loooong wanted!

Here's how it looks from the front, in all it's sparkly glory!

As if the thought of purchasing one isn't agonizing enough, now there are two colors to choose from!

Antique Gold: Gold and copper ox-plated brass chains with hand-set cubic zirconium, Swarovski and Czech stones 

Dark charcoal: Gold and copper ox-plated brass chains with hand-set glass, Swarovski and Czech stones

While it would be nice to get both and make a Carrington your signature piece, wearing it with tees &  jeans for day and something fancy for night, the reality is, most of us can only spring for one, if not at all (sigh!). But let's pretend we have disposable funds, enough to get one. If you could only pick one, just one, which of the two would you choose?


MrsLavendula said...

i love the dark charcoal!

raissa said...

Very, very pretty! Both are lovely but I am partial to the dark charcoal. I agree Michelle Obama has impeccable taste. hay if only I have disposable income to spare for one. Or wait for it to go on sale? LOL

Wondermom A said...

I would choose the antique gold because the color is better on my yellow skin tone : )

cd_mfo said...

Dark charcoal is soooo pretty! But so is antique gold! You're making this so hard for me Mitzi and Aileen!

Raissa, I am super crossing my fingers and everything that can be crossed for these to go on sale! Wah!

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