Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sway My Way at

Ok, here's a real cool concept, a "fashion experience like no other"!

I've read about in either Elle or Vogue, I can't remember where exactly, but the story of how regular girls like us can participate in creating a design collection sounded pretty novel to me.

It works this way, is a design community where members get to build the Sway collection, piece by piece. presents different designs and members get to critique and vote on their favorite looks.

The look with the most votes will then get produced by Then the pieces will be sold to members for 24-hours at wholesale price or 50% off! After the 24-hour “flash sale”, the pieces will then be sold at full retail price for non-members. So, it pays to be a member!

In a way, they sort of do market research first before production. It's a smart platform that provides insight into what designs are popular among girls. So whether you are the consummate shopper who wants to influence a label to produce the pieces you want, or a designer who wants to gain a perspective on what is commercial, or you're just a market research geek curious to see how a group of fashion lovers choose which clothes they want to see produced and why, then consider joining!

I'm excited to see how this will all turn out when the site launches Fall of this year! Join me at --> here!

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perlita said...

I love the way you swayin!

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