Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Great Rootote Blog Giveaway!

I love reusable bags and totes, and I when it comes to the printed variety, I think Rootote's ROO-shopper has the cutest designs! And seriously, how can Rootote not be kawaii, when it was born in the land of kawaii, (that's Japan in case you didn't know) in 2001!

I pretty much collect reusable totes, and I try and rotate my pieces around, matching it to my outfit for the day! What sets ROO-shoppers apart from other reusable totes, is that there is a ROO POCKET (with a zipper) on the side where you can put a handy wallet, keys, and other small articles. Very  much unlike a typical, basic reusable tote!

Nifty right?! Now here's the best news, you (yes you!) can get your own ROO-shopper, for free!

MFO is part of The Great Rootote Blog Giveaway, where 4 blogs give away 1 bag each from Rootote! That's 4 winners in 1 month! So in case you don't make it this week, there's a chance you'll bring home the prize next week, or the week after that, and the week after!

Here's the schedule:

July 5 - Manila Fashion Observer at
July 12 - Thirsty Thought at
July 19 - Kikay Exchange at
July 26 - Little Miss Dress Up  at

So, back to our little game! Here's how you can get your own ROO-shopper!

1. Go to Rootote PH's Multiply site and browse the ROO-shopper page --> HERE
2. Do a bit of window shopping and tell us why you want a ROO-shopper along with your top 3 picks! (by leaving a comment on this post!)
3. Leave your name and email address so we know how to get in touch with you!
4. Should you win, we'll send you one of your chosen pieces! It's that simple!

We will choose the winner by July 11, 2010. Join na!

PS - Contest is limited to residents of the Philippines only. For more on Rootote, follow Rootote Philippines on Twitter @RoototePH and like them on Facebook!

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cheryll ann said...

Hi! I am a "single" mom... a term I use or borrow since my husband is an OFW. I am always up and about taking my son to school and doing errands in between. I always try to bring a reusable bag in case I drop by the grocery, wet market, bakery, drugstore, or when we eat out and bring home the left over. As much as possible I try to eliminate in our household the use of plastics! So that's why I've been eyeing a Rootote ever since I've discovered them in blogs.

My top three choices are:
1. Euro Medium
2. Kitchen 2
3. Flink

Thank you! More power and love to your blog!

Patricia Manasan said...

A roo-shopper is the perfect reusable bag for a shopaholic like me! My favorites are Cup, Cookie, and Grocer because they go well with a die-hard foodie.

amity ong said...

hi. where shall i post my answer? comment box or guestbook of Rootote? or leave a message here at MFO? :) thanks! i love the designs.

amity ong said...

I ♥ Rootote! they're simply cute, light-weight, and most of all eco-friendly!
I'm so loving the CAKE CHARM, FRENCH BULLDOG, & SKULL CHARM! oh.. actually all of them are too cute! :) and these are my top 3 picks.
hope i can get to bring one of these along to my upcoming trip to Hong Kong. They'll be so hip and handy for my shopping spree! ♥
Love your blog MFO!



Menchie said...

Hi Christine! I've always wanted a rootote but never gotten around to getting one. This is the perfect opportunity! I want a rootote because I really want to make an effort to be more environmentally friendly. I've started by buying 5 of those huge S&R reusable shopping bags which I now use for grocery shopping. Getting a rootote for my other "impulse" buys and storing it in my purse would be a great next step.

My top 3 picks (in order :D): Patches red, Orange and Cherry

Menchie (

Yen said...

Since I do the groceries/shopping for everyone in my household, it gets a bit tricky for the helpers (the ones who unload the groceries) to figure out which items are for whom. Assigning a Roo-shopper for each family member would make it clear and simple for everyone. :-D

Top 3 picks.
1. Key Design (for the in-laws)
2. Patches Red (for the baby)
3. Ivy B (for my husband and me)

yelle said...

I'd be so happy to have my very first roo-shopper. I really really love fashion, and it's just a crime carrying around plastic bags for me when I do my shopping, so I always end up carrying my purchases on carton boxes, and losing my poise on the long run. I think roo-shopper will definitely fill my needs to the highest level :) I might end up going to the market daily just to flaunt my tote. :) Would love love love to have one in skull charm,cake charm or mew. :)


Marissa said...

I want a Roo shopper because I am making a clear effort to stop using plastic bags. I want to bring my canvass bags with me everywhere but they're too bulky to fold up and fit into my everyday bag. A Roo shopper would be fantastic since it can fold into a compact pouch so that I will always have a reusable bag with me everywhere I go.

These are my top 3 picks :)
1. Skull Charm
2. Macaroon
3. Shiba

Anonymous said...

sweet treats style''

abigail ong

aj said...

I want one because I do a lot of shopping. My three favorites are the cheery, cookie and the key.


A_C_E_ at hotmail dot com

Kinney said...

Kinney Palma -

I want one because its first of all environment friendly and secondly because I bring a lot of things all the time. I use it as a shopping bag when going to the mall, a carry all for my lunch, training materials, etc when going to work and a yoga bag when going to the gym or yoga place. Oh and sometimes, I use it to carry extra clothes when going to the spa or on long weekends. I just have soo many uses for these bags! =)

Here are my Top 3:
1.) French Bulldog - I love dogs, we have pitbulls at home and I love bully breeds.
2.) Cup - It will be a constant reminder for me to keep on baking and be good in my craft.
3.) patches Pink - it reminds me of the different parts of my life that I have to keep together and that would make me whole =)

Steph said...

id love to own a roo-shopper because it basically an all-around lightweight bag. i can carry it to school, shopping, beach or just around anywhere. plus it comes in cute designs and best of all, is eco-friendly. :)

my top 3 picks are :
1) cherry
2) french bulldog
3) ivy b

stephrodriguez (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

my top 3 picks are: 1. kitchen2 2. kitchen1 3. baroque. i want to win because i want to give a Rootote to my sister. At 40 years old, my sister decide to go back to school to pursue her dream of having a culinary degree. Although she is already an accomplished cake maker (, getting a culinary degree is still a dream for her. i want to give her a Rootote to show my support to her :) my email add is - katrina go

Unknown said...

would love to join...

I want a roo-shopper from rootote because It's something that I can use and is KAWAII! at the same time. I like my bags practical, easy when on the go and stylish...and I like if not love Rootote's following designs...

shiba...cherry...patches blue...

the 3 represent different sides of me, being a pet lover, a lady and a design enthusiast. :D
so many designs to choose from that are so me! :P

thank you...


Larie said...

I like a Roo-Shopper since it's flexible for one's needs. It is practical and convenient while making the user fashionable and fabulous at the same time. Most of all, I like Roo-Shopper because it simply makes me happy and proud to be an owner of one.

My top 3 picks of Roo-Shopper are kitchen2, cup, and key.

Name: Lariza Francia
Email Address:

Unknown said...

Where do we leave our contact details and choices? Do we email you or just leave it here in your comments space? =)

Anonymous said...

I want a rooshopper because they're just oh so cute! The perfect armor for today's fashionable eco-warrior.

1. Cup
2. Macaroon
3. Grocer

ripdiet at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I want a roo shopper because it's so environment friendly!!! :)

Top 3 Picks!

1. Mew
2. Cup
3. Macaroon

Tanya -

Jessica said...

As a mother to two energetic young boys (a really active 4-year-old and a learning-to-walk 1-year-old), I constantly need to keep my hands and arms free. The ROO-shopper is the perfect answer to my problems as I do errands (like grocery-shopping and just plain strolling in the mall with my family). I don't just want a ROO-shopper, I NEED A ROO-SHOPPER! I love the designs and its functionality. My top 3 picks are PARIS (my favorite in the bunch!), French Bulldog, and Skull Charm.
-Jessica Nacario (

Anonymous said...

the first time i knew rootote was from "the bag hag" she describe it in such a way that convinced me completely to buy my very first own piece. from then on all the bags that i buy right now was rootote. i love the designs and how convenient to use it

i want a roo shopper to add to my existing collections. here are my top 3 picks: 1. key 2. cake charm & 3. gateau.

myla remo

Kai | Kat said...

I want a Roo-Shopper because I absolutely love reusable bags for carrying anything. I also have a habit of buying things on impulse especially school supplies or groceries when I'm hanging out in the mall. They're washable, come in many cool designs and environment-friendly.

My top 3 picks: Roo Shopper in Mew, Cup, Skull Charm.

Kai, killeshan at yahoo dot com
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I want the Roo-shopper because (1) it's lightweight, waterproof spacey and it comes in colorful and cool designs; (2) there's a Roo-pocket with zipper where I can store my Ipod, wallet, cellphone and other kikay kits, and (3) it's environment friendly. I can be fab and save the earth at the same time. :)

Here are my top picks (I hope I win)
1. Cupcake design (P1200)
2. Paris (P1200)
3. Hana (P1200)

Rose D.

Anonymous said...

I deserve to have these Roototes! I love shopping and doing grocery. Sometimes, it's a bit uncomfortable handling plastic bags. With Rootote, I can bring it easily in my bag or in my pocket and use it whenever I go shopping. Plus I am shopping fashionably and comfortably with these totes! Bye-bye plastic bags… hello Roototes! My favorites are Key, Cake Charm and Patches Pink. - marisse reyes //

Dexter said...

I want a Roo-shopper because of its sturdy construction and wonderful designs that goes well with any get up suitable for both men and women alike. And I want 1 more in addition to my two Rootote bags (teehee). My top 3 picks are:

• Fumitake Uchida x Rootote - Yume print
• Roo-shopper Grande - Lunch print
• Rootote Attache - JFK print

Name: Dexter Francis De Vera

Anonymous said...

Wow, first time I saw this
I want one coz I want a cool looking bag for everyday use. It looks cute enough to stroll in the mall with. It looks spacious so I can cram stuff in lol. It looks fashionable enough that anyone who sees it will want one.
I like the marshmallow coz it looks good enough to eat
I like the cup because it looks so sweet
I like the keys because I keep on losing mine.

Hope I win.


Abby said...

I love BIG bags. Truth to tell, within my already big bag to work, I also bring an extra cloth bag for my errands before going home. The ROO-shopper bag is also a great diaper bag, perfect for my one-year old boy's things.

Top 3 picks:
1. Skull charm
2. Cake charm
3. Paris

Abby Balasia

Anonymous said...

I want a Roo-shopper because it's very unique, handy and a nice addition to my collection - includes shopping totes from Trader Joe's, Tesco, Healthy Options, and Waitrose. Just gotta have one. My top 3 picks: Kitchen2, Paris and Rootote.
Alnette Tan

arlene u. said...

I want a ROO-shopper because I love Rootote ( I first discovered it when I went to Singapore) and I love bringing along my reusable totes when I go shopping - less plastic bags to bring home.

My top 3 picks:
1. kitchen
2. grocer
3. macaroon


Joy Mesina-Bahia said...

I want a Roo-shopper because I care for Mother Nature! Grocer, Man's Bestfriend and Hana look really cool!

Hazel said...

Why do I want a ROO-Shopper? Simple, really: Plastic is definitely NOT fantastic. ^^

Top 3 Picks:
1. Mew
2. Shiba
3. French Bulldog

Hope I win!

Name: Hazel Ching

chelle said...

hi! i would like to join the ROO giveaway.

after window shopping ROOs website, my top 3 picks are the blue patches, the pink patches, and the beige patches!

i love anything patches (im a sucker for vintage-y design and patches reminds me of that), organization friendly (because i carry my whole life in my bag), and eco-friendly (i know that every little thing helps to preserve the environment), that's 3 things i love rolled into one super yummy bag, and i DO love bags. = )

backup_2729 at

Anonymous said...

Jamee Uy
>I want to have a Rootote because it's cute and it's very portable.
>My top 3 picks are:
1. Cherry
2. Orange
3. Rabbit

Ashley Dy said...

Cool!!! Never seen this brand here though. :(

Deonalaine Ivy Figura said...

Having a ROO-shopper is one fabulous way of shopping! The designs are cute and perky, and best of all, it's Mother Earth-friendly. I want one! :)
The CUP design is pretty in pink; the KEY design is vintage-looking, while the IVY design is so me. :)
I *super love* RooTote!


joanne said...

"A little goes a long way" has been my philosophy in contributing to preserving our environment. Ever since my environmental pollution class last year where I learned that Metro Manila's garbage collection amounts to one SM Megamall per day, I simply could not not do something about it. One of the simple ways our family tries to help the environment is by using reusable bags, and refusing plastic bags offered by establishments whenever we go out shopping. We love reusable bags, and love to give them as gifts as well! The ROO-shopper, if I could get my hands on one (paris, cup or patches beige) will always be in my purse, ready for those grocery errands I do ever so frequently :)

- joanne

dementia said...

I want a ROO-shopper because I can keep on reusing it whenever I go shopping and the designs are so cute.

Top 3 picks:
1) Mew
2) French Bulldog
3) Skull Charm

Karen Ang
kareninsilver AT

Anonymous said...

I want a roo-shopper since I want to stop using plastic. The ecobags being given by some easily gets dirty.

The designs which caught my eyes were:
1. Skull Charm
2. Cake Charm
3. Oranges

Mary Grace Chua

krissy ♥ said...

I want a ROO-shopper because it is very practical and convenient without sacrificing style with its cuteness factor. =) I like Cherry, Key and Cup.

My name is Kristel Ann Cruz, and my email address is =)

pamysabel said...

I want a Roo-shopper because it's environmentally friendly and cute!

my top 3: Paris, Baroque, Grocer

Anonymous said...

Hi. I previously sent an entry, although I'm not sure if it completed the transfer since my laptop hanged.

A roo-shopper would be nice to use since they're water-proof. Perfect for my swimming trips. It's also perfect during the rainy days nowadays since my things eventually get wet by the time I get home. My umbrella just isn't enough for myself and my bag. I don't want to bring an uber big umbrella just so I can keep myself and my things dry. That's the trade-off. Strong winds also render my umbrella useless.

(the charm bags are so adorable!)
1. skull charm
2. cake charm
3. french bulldog


Unknown said...

I'd like to have one because its the most fashionable (and not to mention the cutest!!!) reusable bag I have seen ever. Here are my top three choices:

1. Mew (I love anything that has to do with cats!!)
2. Piggie (to constantly remind me not to eat pork!!!)
3. Patches Pink (to bring out the girl in me!!!

Anonymous said...

It's foldable, has a lot of compartments, polyester and water-proof for some designs. What more could you ask for. I tend to have the habit of putting everything in my bag. My gadgets tend to have scratches since most of my bags don't have compartments.

Sweet treats line is for me! My top three choices are: 1. Cookie 2. Cup 3. Cake charm


Anonymous said...

I want a ROO-shopper because:
1. its lightweight- I'm starting to get tired of carrying bags that already weigh a lot even without my things in it yet; my organizer and umbrella already will weigh it down even more.
2. its roomy- I like the compartments
3. its compact- I like how you can fold it into a handy pack

My top three choices are:
1. skull charm
2. cup
3. french bulldog

Name: Michelle

poopie said...

I love foldable reusable totes and have them in my bag at all times. Now that I'm a mom, I always find myself shopping for different kinds of stuff- school/home supplies, groceries, etc and the totes really come in handy. Plus, my 5 year old is an eco-bag police (haha- the subject on the environment had been previously tackled in his preschool). My top 3 Roo-shopper picks are:
1. paris tote (to match my eiffel tower longchamp)
2. kitchen tote (I don't cook, but, this will make me look like I do- haha- plus, I love that it's in black and white)
3. rootote (since it's simple and blue, my 5 year old son can also use it when he has his swim class)

Jenny said...

I want a roo shopper so I won't have to ask for plastic bags and pay 50cents on my next trip to HK! Top 3 picks are Paris, Grocer and Patchwork Red - jenny [fabnaima(at)gmail(dot)com]

Unknown said...

Tote bags are a must nowadays, because you never known when you're gonna need something from the grocery. And we all know how unfriendly plastic bags are to the environment. Usually, I always just stuff the items in my bag, especially the small ones.. I was even told one time by a cashier at a grocery "Ma'am libre naman po e.." Roototes are real cute! They have adorable designs and carrying them around would not give any mall chain a chance to advertise for free. =)

The ones I really liked were the designs of marshmallow, key and kitchen 2. =)


Ima del Rosario said...

Am i the first to comment? wow! :) first of all, i really had a hard time choosing which among the Rootote bags to choose coz everything was so cute! I would LOVE to own a Rootote bag because aside from the cute designs, it's VERY functional :)

Below are my top three ROOTOTE favorites:
2) ROO-SHOPPER Patches Blue
3) TALL Trip

Thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

I like bags with unique designs. It will be a great addition to my small bags/purses especially the ones with kawaii designs! Plus a really cool way to go plastic bag-less when shopping.

Top 3 Picks

Roo-shopper Cup Charm
Roo-shopper Paris
Roo-shopper Patches-Red

Kyla (

Kyla said...

I like bags with unique designs. It will be a great addition to my small bags/purses especially the one with kawaii designs. Plus, its a stylish way to go plastic bag-less when shopping!

Roo Shopper Top 3 Choices


MOONLIT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ROM said...

I want a Roo shopper because it will allow me to save the earth in style! None of those green bags they give out in malls are very appealing. Plus the Roo shopper has the Roo pocket which is ideal for keeping valuables in. It's my favorite part of my Rootote bag.

Top 3 picks:
1. Skull charm
2. French Bulldog
3. Macaroon

Anonymous said...

I want a roo shopper because it would make refusing plastic easier. =) it will also save my poor handbag from the abuse of being over stuffed with my purchases......
my 3 picks are: skull charm, cake charm and cherry
Lea Dalisay

Maryse Cindyle Monsod said...

Hail to this giveaway, Manila Fashion Observer and Rootote Philipines! Bag lovers like me are all ecstatic. Even if my love for collecting bags are costly, i make sure that I spend on "quality bags" and Rootote bags seems more than worth it. Window Shopping has never been this fun, my top choices are HANA, CAKE CHARM and ROOTOTE. Hana Rootote is floraLOVE! The print is simply a fashion statement itself. Cake Charm would definitely make my day extra brighter and sweeter. Rootote bag is simply beautiful. Plus, it would help me advertise the brand for bag-lovers like me! I hope to flaunt my own Rootote one of these days! Cheers! --Maryse Cindyle Monsod,

Ninin said...

I have always been a fan of reusable bags. I always keep one in my bag co'z I never know when I'll get the urge to shop. My reusable bags are durable, pretty enough and services me well but of course, it fails in comparison with roototes!

Roototes are incredibly stylish, I am especially in love with their "food-themed" designs. My favorite are: cookie, marshmallow, and cup(cake)! They are so cute and apt for grocery shopping (where I normally use reusable bags). I love how the pattern from afar doesn't look like food that you'd be pleasantly surprised to see it up close. 'Cute' is not even enough of an adjective!

divine_viva said...

I'd like to own a ROO-shopper 'coz I just love toting a tote bag. They're so useful and I love your cute and funky designs. My top 3 picks are: French Bulldog, Mew, and Cup.

Vivian Aguilar

Min said...

I want a ROO-shopper because they have beautiful designs which are perfect for me.I love ecofriendly bags and I would love to have a tote as fashinable as a ROO-shopper.
My top 3 picks area
3.Patches Pink

i would really love to win here!

Min Viloria

Carly said...

Top 3 picks:
cake charm
patches pink
skull charm

I love how I can just put everything I buy in reusable bags. It gives me comfort when I shop since I don't have to carry small plastic bags, I just need to put the reusable bag on my shoulder. And reusable bags are way cuter than plastic bags. In this littile way, I can help save mother earth.

- Carly,

Anonymous said...

I would love to own a ROO-shopper cause I have been an advocate of saving Mother Earth. When I'm buying stuff in groceries and bazaars and it's not necessary for it to be placed on plastic bag, i would just stash it on my bag. But then if i don't have a tote bag with me, since most of my tote bags are not as light and easy to carry like ROO-tote, i have no choice but to carry with me those plastic bags, looking unstylish and not saving Mother Earth at the same time.

My top 3 picks would be Hannah, Rootote and IvyB
- jamine santos, email add:

Anonymous said...

Such a great contest - been reading your blog for some time now and enjoy it immensely. More power to you! Like most everyone else nowadays I am trying to be more environmentally conscious (but I'll be the first to admit I have a long way to go). But one small step I'm trying to do is to use reusable bags whenever I go shopping. These Roo-shoppers will be even more of an incentive for me to remember to take these bags out with me whenever I go out. My favorite designs are the Paris, Macaroon and Kitchen. Thanks so much! -

chelle said...

how many entries can one post? ive made an entry the other day and its not showing up, so if this is a second post, i apologize. im crazy about the ROO shopper patches, blue, red, or pink, most especially the pink! love love vintage-y looking patches. = )

Summers In Love said...

They are so cute! I love the cookie bag best, then the cherry design second. I also love the orange design!

I want a ROO-shopper simply because it can provide me with a stylish way to help save mother earth! They are unlike the other reusable shopping bags that are either blank and boring or just plain without pockets. I totally adore Roo's designs!


Maureen said...

I want a Roo-shopper because I love shopping and I think reuseable bags are the shiz! Not only are they environment-friendly but they're fashionable as well!

I like:
Cake Charm
French Bulldog


Anonymous said...

I want a Rootote shopper because I always BMOB - bring my own bag - and refuse plastic. And since it's portable, I can bring it everywhere, even slide it in my pocket.

Top 3

1. skull charm
2. kitchen2
3. cup

Odessa Santos

MOONLIT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
king said...

Simple yet cute with the prints and its waterproof-ness makes me want it so bad. I love the design and being an environment-friendly shopper is one thing in me. Top 3 picks? My favorite is Rootote (, i also like French Bulldog ( and Keys ( Geez i love all the designs.


Donelle said...

i want, want, want a roo-shopper because i can do my shopping while doing my part to save the earth - all in style! and my top 3 pics are: rootote, cherry and ivy B.

~donelle khan (

Bachuchay said...

I like ROO-SHOPPER because it has a great advocacy of starting a green revolution. The designs are also very interesting and appealing. My top 3 picks are : 1) French Bulldog 2) Paris 3) Skull Charm

Claire said...

A Roo-shopper is perfect for toting around without compromising our style, given all the eye-catching designs to choose from. It doesn't hurt that using it entails getting to save the earth one less (plastic) bag at a time. :)
1. Grande - Mimicry Metallic Black
2. Feather Roo Pink
3. Peagreen Dice

Anonymous said...

I want a ROO-shopper cause I wanna start being fashionable, and environmental-friendly at the same time. ROOS are so cute! :) Sometimes, glam shoppers just don't get to use totes 'cause its off-style. Also this isnt just an ordinary supermarket-ish tote, it can be a bag to school and work, and blah. I dont see much of it here in Cebu yet, I'll show my friends if I could get one soon, so they'd get one too! wipeeee! ^^

top 3 CUTEST creations:

From: Risha Tan

Angel said...

I want a ROO-shopper because it's a gorgeous example of eco-friendliness! The vibrant colors and the funky designs suit my taste and personality very well. A perfect everyday bag for me I would definitely make maximum use of!

Top 3 picks:
1. Skull Charm
2. Cake Charm
3. Patches - Beige


Glenn said...

I want a rooshopper because I have to stop using plastic bags already

Rootote x Peagreen dice

Rooshopper grande biscuit

Flink in Black or Blue

glenn ang

Ish said...

I want a ROO-shopper because I tend to refuse shopping bags and just stuff my purchases in my purse. :)

My favorites are:
1. Skull Charm because adorable skulls are adorable.
2. Cherry because you can never go wrong with cherries.
3. Key because I never thought old keys could be quite pretty.

*I'll just message my name and e-mail if I do win.

bettibot said...

i like to have a ROO-shopper bag because it's foldable and reusable which makes it so eco-friendly! plus it's ver cute designs!

my top 3 picks:
1. Skull Charm
2. Cupcake
3. kitchen2

name: Ma. Bernadette Villarin
eadd: wapang24(at)yahoo(dot)com

tinabocs said...

i wanna rootote not only because it's stylish but also its good design which was well though of. i really admire the Japanese on how well they fuse practically with fashion never forgetting the spirit of "mottainai".

these are my top 3 picks:
key, ivy B, and orange

Who's the Sales Lady? said...

Being a newly-married gal, I didn't realize that I have MORE SHOPPING to deal with than when I was a single gal (now isn't that fun :P ?). I need a ROO-shopper to assist me in my ALMOST DAILY shopping needs. YES. Daily. My work revolves being inside a supermarket 5 days a week and I end up buying household stuff that we forgot to get during our regular shopping days. And since that would add up to tons of plastic that would harm the environment, the ROO-shopper is the perfect companion!

I would love the "Kitchen" Roo-shopper when I do grocery shopping, it'll make me feel like I'm Martha Stewart. And then the "Hana" Roo-shopper when I pick out my essential beauty loot for the month, and of course " Paris" Roo-Shopper so I can use it when I lug my work documents and to help me visualize the city of lights and help me save save save for that dream vacation to France. :)

April Lou Castillo

MrsMartinez | said...

top 3 picks:

I segregate our trash, use an eco bag when shopping, decline taking plastic when shopping I am such an eco girl!


ceemee said...

They have such cute designs and can be folded into little pouches!!! I like the Cake Charm, the Patches Beige and the Ivy designs.

Cymbelly M.

Anonymous said...

I like ROO-SHOPPER because it has a great advocacy of starting a green revolution. The designs are also very interesting and appealing.

My top 3 picks are:

1) French Bulldog
2) Paris
3) Skull Charm


Janella said...

As a medical student, I am constantly hounded by paperworks and emergency "scrub-ins" at the operating room. I am looking for a lightweight but functional bag that I can keep folded in my main bag and unfold when I need to. On top of that, the designs are really fab! My top 3 picks are CUP, HANA, and CAKE CHARM.
Janella (

Patricia Lee said...

It's been about a year since I last got a plastic bag when I go shopping and it's been my personal mission for my friends to do the same! A fashionable rootote bag may be just what I need to get the job done:) I'm also a first year med student and a rootote bag will be the perfect bright way to carry all my books (I'm currently going through 3 for my test tomorrow!) and my laptop. Rootote could very well give me that cum laude I promised by grandpa:)

Top 3: Key, Cherry, Piggie

Patricia Lee

PrinceDSK said...

Hi Rootote World.
Where are all of you buying your Rootote Bags?
What countries and why type of stores?


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