Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Own RuPaul

I was sifting through my old posts while searching for my synopsis on the Anna Wintour bio that I wanted to show @Kristine_Dee over at Twitter, and discovered this draft from back in 2007 that I did not get to publish! I actually forgot about this happening, but still, I busted out laughing when I re-read it all over again!

I just had to share with you a conversation among my college friends over dinner last night :

A: Hey H, do you know a lawyer named V___?
H: No, why?
A: Basta, I really think V___ is gay.
C: Who's V___?
A: The boyfriend of my friend. They never french kissed. Smack lang daw palagi!
C: How long na sila?
A: One year!
C: Ay, he's definitely gay!
A: And when they went to Boracay, they never stayed in the same room! He stayed the whole 4 nights sa room nung guy friend of our other friend! She slept in her room by herself the whole time!
C & H: What?!?!?!
C: Hiwalayan na nya! Its so obvious, the answer is staring at her right in the face!
H: Hindi pwede sa akin yan, kung sa akin ginawa yan, nag walk-out na ako!!! Bading yan!!! Hindi pwede talaga gawin sa akin yan! Bading yan!!! (All emotional)
C: Eh H, bading ka rin no!!!
H: Hindi, girl ako!

This is my super good friend H, he's a lawyer and a beauty queen! He was first runner-up in a gay beauty pageant!!!


KayAnne said...

Ahahah! So funny!

trina said...

aw! i miss ate h!!! hi hi!!!

Unknown said...

I miss you C & H!!! :)

Aisa.Paxie said...

hehehe this made me laugh!=) and your friend ha--wow!!! gorgeous!:)

Faye said...

ang pretty nya!:)

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