Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Almost Like St. Tropez

Saturday was spent over at the Jersey Shore (fist pump!). We went outlet shopping after a morning at the beach. I've turned into such a homemaker! My buys of the day? A skillet and a 3.5 quart French Oven from Le Creuset!

Here's what Berry and I wore:

Me: Breton shirt from A.P.C., shorts from Greenhills tiangge, Ray Ban wayfarers, 
J.Crew accessories
Berry: Pilipinas shirt, swimsuit & shorts from Ralph Lauren, Saltwater sandals

The Jersey Shore almost feels like St. Tropez when you're wearing K. Jacques. Hahaha! But seriously, these sandals are such a good buy. I've had it for almost 2 years now and it just looks better as it ages. Not to say, I also want a Rondini like Garance Dore's!

Berry was so funny though. While we were at the boardwalk, she kept on pointing at the sea, wanting to go down to the beach. But by the time we went down and she felt sand on her feet, she hesitated (you can see that in the second photo, she's clutching my hand, not wanting to move, hahaha!). Then she gingerly took a couple of steps, but I don't think she liked how unstable and uncomfortable it felt because her feet kept sinking into the sand and little grains would go into her sandals.

By the time she changed into her swimsuit, we immediately went to the shore to play with the waves. But she hated it! Hated it! Didn't like the water creeping onto her feet, and when a big wave came over us and got her wet, she hugged me so tight and wouldn't let go. Awwww. So not a water baby. Just like her Dada!


The Bag Hag said...

Awwww I miss Berry Bee :) She's so lovely already! I love how she has decided that she doesn't like the grainy sand feel on her feet! She knows what she wants and dislikes! :)

kaye i. said...

LOL fist pump!!! It's good that Berry's being exposed and will learn how to love the great outdoors in an early age. I wasn't sheltered but you know how some Filipino parents are... can't have an itty bitty scratch and bug bites or else! I blame them a bit for me not being sporty and adventurous haha... I'm still thankful though, coz my legs are peklat/scar free. And you know how those kids have a tea towel at the back to prevent from sweating? I believe I grew up with that stapled on my back. LOL.

trina said...

i still remember berry doing pull ups on your arm when the water is rolling towards her! how funny! but i think it was also coz the water was cold for her!

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