Monday, August 23, 2010

Asstastic! Levi's Curve ID

Have you seen the movie Couples Retreat? There's that scene there where Jason Bateman breaks into Vince Vaughn's home, which triggers the alarm, and Vince had to  tell the security alarm guy his password - "Asstastic". I was thinking, how does one come up with such a nonsensical word and where the hell does one use that?! Well, now I know.

Last Thursday, I went to SoHo to attend the launch of Levi's Curve ID at the Levi's store on Broadway, upon the invitation of Melissa Ladines-Mejia, women's publicity manager for Levi's.

And that's where it dawned on me, if you want your ass to look fantastic, then Levi's Curve ID jeans is what's asstastic! Thanks to Levi's they just changed the way us girls shop for jeans. Curve ID focuses on shape, not size. So instead of just going, ok, I want dark blue skinny jeans, size 25, you get to choose a fit that suits your body type. So you're either a slight curve, demi curve or bold curve:

Apparently, these three fits were developed after Levi’s studied more than 60,000 body scans and spoke with women around the world of all shapes and sizes.

So yeah, these three gorgeous models here, they all look great right? But each one is wearing a Curve ID jean that best suits her body type!

So anyhoo, with a DJ blasting out music and cups of Pinkberry circulating about...

Maggie, my fit specialist, educated me on Curve ID's unique fit system:

So here's how we figure out which fit suits us best. Basically, a string with two tape measures dangling on the sides, is tied around our waist:

Maggie measured my first hip, as well as my second hip, and just like that, she declared I was a demi curve!

She asked me if I wanted straight, skinny or bootcut, and I decided on some skinny jeans. She then led me to this wall of denims! All skinny demi curves! I felt like a kid in a candy store! So many washes, I had a hard time figuring out which one I wanted!

Since I have a ton of blue denims, I went for a gray one, and just when I was a tad bit disappointed that the inseam was 34", which meant I had to have it hemmed, Maggie immediately handed a 25x30" to me! Amazing! She then said that they do have demi curve skinnies in 24" but they were only available online. I then headed off to the fitting room, where a mountain of denims sat on a table:

After a 10 minute wait, with a line 5 people deep, I got into a fitting room and et voila!

Flatters and perfects!

The 25 skinny demi curves didn't fit like skinny skinny jeans that cling to the legs like second skin, but I loved this fit! It was snug around the hips and didn't gap at the waist. And I liked it that they just slightly skimmed into a slim silhoutte. Not to mention, the gray color is just so perfect!

I may have missed out on the cupcakes served that evening, but the great music, Pinkberry, and a great pair of well fitting denims courtesy of Levi's was more than I could ever ask for! Thanks Melissa!  And it was great meeting you too Mason! I should have brought Berry with me! (Mason is just one day older than Berry! How cute is that?!)

Girls (sorry guys, no Curve ID for you yet!) it's been a while since I've worn Levi's and thanks to Curve ID, Levi's is all I've been wearing since I got my demi curves! If you want to find out more about which fit suits your shape, go to your nearest Levi's store and get a fit specialist to find the perfect one for you!

If you've given up on wearing denims because you never seem to find one that flatters, remember in Curve IDs...


Anonymous said...

Nice! And only USD60! Do you know if it's already available in Manila?


Caddy said...

I love that last photo! :)

mel said...

awww thanks for coming!!!!! bring berry this friday!!! janelle monae is performing at bryant park and we are giving away 1k curve id jeans!!! text me if you want to go and i will make sure you are in the vip line=) xoxo

cd_mfo said...

Hi Alana! Yes! It's already available in Manila! =)

Hi Caddy! I love the message especially! =)

Mel! Awwww! I wish we could, would have wanted Berry to see Janelle perform! We were in Virginia and DC that day! I'm sure it was a blast!

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