Sunday, August 15, 2010

You Need Balloons? Call BalloonMe!

My oh my, how fast can technology be? Just when goody bags,  all sorts of tchotchkes and photo booth stickers seemed like the perfect party favors to remember an event by, now there are personalized balloons via Balloon Me to add to the mix! Balloons aren't just balloons any more. Talk about a two in one!

Lorraine Cheung of BalloonMe says they can take photos of guests and prints them on balloons in  just a few minutes. "These are great for wedding parties, birthday celebrations, product launches, promotions, invitations and souvenirs. The balloons are approx 7 x 7" big, come in 3 shapes (star, heart and circle), are water proof and are easily inflatable." adds Lorraine.

Not in Manila? You can still join in on the fun! They can print on the balloons and ship them without helium. With plenty of balloon suppliers across the country, you can just  have it inflated at your friendly neighborhood party supplies store. 

There are two packages available, 50 pc and 100 pc packages, should your requirements not fit into any of the packages,  Lorraine says they can come up with a package perfect for you and your budget.

For inquiries, call BalloonMe at 0917.8900086 / 0922.8900410 or at 02.9294702. You may also email or add them on Facebook. Just look for BalloonMe Pictures.

Oh, and here's the thing! They are currently offering Php 1,000 off the package price to their first ten clients! Call na!

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