Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Binky Burrow

Binky Burrow is a fresh concept that focuses on silly little bunnies (each of the cute bunnies has a name and a personality, one could be just like you!) who come to life in everyday stuff like tees and mugs and such. Although it has been around since 2007, it was initially only available online and through bazaars. 

Well, not anymore! If you go to The Ramp Crossings in TriNoma, BackStage in Serendra and Fully Booked in Fort, Eastwood and Greenbelt 5, you'd run into the Binky Burrow bunnies for sure!

Check out what the bunnies are up to, through these graphic tees:

Each tee retails for Php 380 and are made of cotton/polyester fabrics, ensuring a soft, stretchy, and comfortable fit! 

Find them in notebooks, mugs, pillows, and FILED! folders too:

Mugs (Php 240)

Hard bound notebooks, with 80 leaves, measures 12x17cm (Php 280)

Pillows - 18" ears to ears x 8" height of face (Php 300)

Binky Burrow FILED! Folder (Php 595)

If you think about it, there's no escaping these bunnies! From the kitchen table, to your bedroom, and your classroom, these bunnies could just pop up in front of you!

Now, if only pop quizzes are as cute! 

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