Sunday, August 01, 2010

Blog Giveaway: MFO x DwellStudio Update

Who will bring home Php10,000 worth of DwellStudio goodies?

Will it be Naima?

Will it be Noah?

Actually, there's still a chance for your little one too! But since Naima and Noah submitted their photos on time, they've been given the go ahead to start campaigning for votes!

We've decided to extend the contest until August 22! Feel free to submit a photo of your little one mowdeling something from DwellStudio! Even your DwelllStudio sheets! Any DwellStudio item will do! Just email it to me at Then we'll post it on Quirks Marketing's Facebook page

The cutie who gets the most votes brings home the prize!

Here's the --> Quirks Marketing Facebook page! Voting begins today and ends August 22, 2010.

We'll announce the winner by August 23, 2010! Good luck everyone!


Anonymous said...

Don't you think it's unfair for these two who submitted their photos earlier? This contest has way too many extensions. The finalists' campaign for votes is already a marketing campaign to your benefit. With their solicitation for votes, more people could possibly join but to the disadvantage of the two who complied with the contest rules. Just saying...

cd_mfo said...

The contest was extended as requested by the sponsor. Many contests have been extended to get more entries. But we felt it was unfair for the two who submitted on time to wait it out while waiting for others to submit. That is why we told them to go ahead and campaign for votes.

On the flip side, you can also say it is unfair to those who will join after, since the two contestants have already started with a lead on votes. Doesn't that put the new entries at a disadvantage too?

Let's just look at this game as a glass half full. Those who submitted on time are given a lead time to get votes, those who didn't get to submit on time still have a chance to join.

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