Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gilt Free Mulberry, Tucker & John Derian!

Doesn't this bag remind you of a souped up Bayswater? Why yes, because it's from Mulberry for Target!

Get ready for some guilt free shopping! While not exactly free, when you're buying these much awaited pieces from Target's collaborations with Mulberry, Tucker and John Derian, that's almost like shopping without a shadow of buyer's remorse!

Check out John Derian's second installment with Target, if you missed out on the first one, we've got this chance!

Plus! Tucker has some pretty dresses for us girlies as well! Tucker may not be in the same league yet as Gaultier and Anna Sui, but this line for Target looks promising, props to it's designer Gaby Basora!

Like it? I think this is a-mama-mazing! And guess what! If you are a member of Gilt, then you get first dibs on all these collections this August 20! Wootwoo! So perfect if you're based in Manila or elsewhere and don't have relatives or friends who can go to Target stat for you! Because man, these stuff, when they're good, they go really fast!

Not a member yet? Goodness, you must join! Click this INVITE!

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Maye said...

What an exciting collaboration! :) At least fashionistas on a budget (like me!) can now afford something that has a touch of Mulberry. Hahaha. Thanks for sharing!

Eubelle said...

it was a disappointment! they were ALL gone after a minute 9:01am! guess everyone put it in their carts while i was deciding :(

abby said...

OMG the mulberry bags sold out in less than a minute at Gilt! I can't figure out how fast they did that.

Eubelle said...

maybe there were only a few being sold. i can't get over it! even my dear hubby was behind me looking at what i was to get and poof, they were gone. too slow.

cd_mfo said...

Hi Maye! It is super exciting! And prices are so great! Sling bags start at $15, satchels at $35, big satchels $50!

Yeah Belle and Abby! OMG! Yes, I saw! I was online at exactly 12 and the slings were in other's carts already! The bags were still there, and when I went to check after looking at Tucker, the bags were gone! Don't worry though, just make sure to be at your neighborhood Target early morning of 10/10/10!

Eubelle said...

Thanks for the date. I will be going with my shopping buddy :)

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