Thursday, August 05, 2010

How Does One Say No...

To jeans with a $16.97 price tag? I've got more than enough pairs of jeans actually, but when I saw this in the sale section of Banana Republic, I couldn't walk away. And when I put them on, they just fit so well! Plus it was marked down from $98 so it's such a steal!

Here's what I wore initially:

Shirt: Topshop, Necklace: J.Crew, Cuff: Fallon, Belt: Zara, 
Boyfriend Jeans: Current/Elliott in Super Loved Destroyed, Flats: Miu Miu
I've got my online buddy Kate to thank for finding these Miu Mius for me! Just when I thought it was a lost cause searching for them, Kate emailed me from out of the blue to say she had these reserved for me! How amazing is that! That's just like manna falling from heaven! Again, how does one say no? Of course I couldn't say no to a blessing! ;) Thanks again Kate!


Aisa.Paxie said...

i love your flats!!!:) and love that even with the bf jeans you still looked super feminine because of it. Love love:)

Katrya Kyla said...

I love your flats!! :)

Joanna Ladrido said...

everything is so classic and beautiful! love it!


Lisa said...

What a bargain! Love your Miu Miu flats btw--they look great on you.

cd_mfo said...

Awwww, thanks Pax! =)

Thanks Katrya! They're my fave at the moment! =)

Heehee I do try to buy classic pieces, thanks Joanna! =)

Love bargains! Thanks Lisa! =)

trina said...

love the flats!

cd_mfo said...

Yes! Such a bargain! So happy with it! And awww, thanks Lisa! =)

Thanks Trina! =)

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