Monday, August 16, 2010

Ten Year Old Tods

Shirt from Topshop, shorts from Rugby Ralph Lauren, belt from J.Crew, driving shoes from Tods

The Leather Spa breathed new life into my ten year old Tods. Now they're almost as good as new. Right on time too, when loafers are on a comeback! See how much of a good investment Tods can be? They last super long, and through the fickleness of fashion. Well, not that these ever went out of style. But they're especially perfect when I feel like dressing like an Italian man, hahaha!

I can honestly say, the folks at Leather Spa do a wonderful job in fixing expensive shoes. I brought in my Lanvin boots and ballet flats, as well as a pair of Golden Goose Charlyes for reheeling and they came back looking like they never suffered from New York City's streets at all.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry about my Golden Goose boots though. See, they're meant to look beaten up and weathered, like I've been riding horses in them my whole life:

I specifically told the girl at Leather Spa THREE times that I DID NOT WANT them polished. Not that I was cheap, but you know, I just wanted them to stay that way. That's how they're meant to look like. But I guess they couldn't bear letting a pair of shoes leave the premises in less than tiptop condition. So yeah, they cleaned it up to kingdom come and they came back to me shiny and scuff free. For free too! I know, they threw in free polishing with the best of intentions. That's why I can't get totally mad. Besides, I can't blame them. Dear Hubby has been offering to polish them for me ever since I got them, and he couldn't understand why I wanted them to stay that way. At least, on the bright side, one of us is totally happy with my majorly clean boots!

Leather Spa, I really really appreciate the quality of your work. It was worth the price I paid for. I wouldn't hesitate telling all my friends to bring all their designer shoes to you for some TLC (Guys, they can take care of your shoe issues too!). Because you really do  a bang up excellent job. And you have an appreciation for a shoe's shape and aesthetic, that you never tamper with the details that make it special (take for instance, they shaved off the Lanvin heels to it's original shape and Louboutins are resoled with red zipsoles!). I really felt you rose to the occasion and put all those bad reviews on yelp to shame.

But sometimes, too much of a good job ain't that welcome either. Sob. Poor Charlye.

Leather Spa - Think  of it as a getaway for all your "good" shoes. After a couple nights stay at the "spa", with their cobbler's expert hands, your shoes will come back to you refreshed and rejuvenated. I wouldn't think twice about bringing in Louboutins and Lanvins here. Pricey, but worth it. I say, 4/5 stars.

10 West 55th Street, New York, NY
(212) 262-4823

The Plaza Retail Shops

1 West 58th Street, New York, NY
(212) 527-9944


Angela said...

so chic naman your outfit. love it! Paging Scott Schuman. hehehe

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Thanks Angela! =)

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