Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rexona Naturals

You must have noticed by now how this ad pops in after each post or so:

In case you haven't found yourself transfixed, trying to catch as many falling flowers or leaves as you can, then you probably also haven't stumbled upon Rexona's I ♥ Nature page on Facebook...

Where you could plant, mist, water, trim, and fertilize your online garden! No actual green thumb required! And great news, for those who are addicted to playing games on Facebook! Another game to kill time with! Heehee!

This virtual garden was brought to you by Rexona Naturals, Rexona's latest antiperspirant providing   24-hour bioprotection while caring for your skin using natural ingredients.

With Rexona Naturals, you not only experience nature online, you also let your skin, your actual skin,  breathe!

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