Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Solo Larry Alcala Collection + Model Search

Men's All Over Graphic Tee Php 795 from Solo's Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Collection featuring Larry Alcala
When I was in grade school, I attended a drawing workshop in school, with Larry Alcala himself gracing the event! I swear, we were all psyched, it was like having a celebrity right there in front of us. Because seriously, tell me if there's one kid who grew up in the 80s who didn't know who he was! For me, his work was in the same league as my faves Brenda Starr and Ikabod, they were the only ones I liked to read, wahaha!

Oh, and there's another reason why I can never forget Larry Alcala. Because after we all submitted our work, ehem, I got a prize for my drawing. Larry Alcala chose my drawing himself! I was probably 1st runner-up or something, but still! My friend Cat remembers I won first prize for our age group, but all I could remember that day was being called on stage after Mr. Alcala pulled out my drawing for all to see! It's like your idol telling you himself, "You've got talent kid!" Heeheehee!

Well, I've given up drawing for writing and shopping, but getting picked by Larry Alcala himself was one of my proudest moments in life! I can never forget that to this day. So I guess it's no surprise that of all the artist+clothing collaborations that Manila has seen, only the Larry Alcala Collection for Solo has struck a chord in me. Or maybe, my appreciation for art really is just of the comic/pop culture variety. Heeheehee!

Anyhoo, speaking of Larry Alcala and Solo, not only is this collection launching soon, there's also a model search going on! Contest started August 22, and is ongoing until November 15.

Check out for contest details. Winners win cash and product prizes and will be featured in Solo's store walls in the next campaign shoot.

To learn more about Solo, visit the website, add them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter @MySoloOnline.


Kat Dy said...

Ikabod! May comic book kami nun sa bahay haha

cd_mfo said...

Kat! Pahiram! Hahaha!

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