Friday, October 15, 2010

Belle de Jour 2011 Launch + Blog Giveaway!

The secret to a purpose-filled life is all about planning and preparation. Yes, it's only October, but isn't that ample time to think about what you're doing for 2011?

If you're thinking, "Nah, I'll just wait when the 2011 planners start popping up." Well, that time might as well be October 24! Because that's when Belle de Jour's 2011 planners launch!

Here's the who, what, why and where + more:

WHO: You + Belle de Jour girls

WHAT: Mardi Gras themed festivities and booths, with various activities and talks from beauty and fashion experts. To top it all off, all of the fair’s entrance proceeds go to Scuola della Gioia, a school for underprivileged kids in Tondo, Manila.

WHY: It's BDJs 5th anniversry!

WHERE: This get-together will be held at Venice Piazza in Mckinley Hill, The Fort on October 24, 2010 (Sunday), from 2:00-9:00 pm.

WEEEE!: For this day only, you can get 20% off on your BDJ Planner at Php480!

WIN: Not only that, you my dear readers get a chance to get  a BDJ 2011 Planner, on us! Here's how:

Leave a comment and tell me....

What is it about your life that is worth celebrating? 

But here's the deal, and take note, you need to use the word “pink” in your answer!

The best answer gets one (1) 2011 BDJ Planner for Free!

Promo duration from: October 15-22, 2010.


Anonymous said...

♥ my boyfriend's unconditional LOVE .. his regular trips to me from the province, the way he makes my cheeks blush in PINK whenever he held my hand, or whisper the sweetest words in my ears.. :) aaahh.. everything's so sweet and pink with love around!

-- a.o. ♥

Unknown said...

In a world where people are brought up to see only the basic "blacks" or the "whites" in life, I am immensely thankful that I grew up in a family who taught me to appreciate the unusual quirky "pinks" of this world as well. =)

Anonymous said...

I celebrate when my kids say something that tickles me pink!
tattgiff at centurytel dot net

Anonymous said...

Today is October 15, 2010. It's a highly relevant and important day, and thank you for asking, because it's


The last day of sitting in a room full of scared as shit people with a bundle of paper to answer and a very, very painful awareness of time. The last day of filling in multiple-choice-circles. The last day of one page bluebook essays. The last day of writing down your student number!

So after examination and all essential complaining about it, after going back home to rest (after all, it's been another 24+ hour day), I went back to a very messy dorm room.

Giddily, I tidy up those notebooks full of pink ballpoint pen underlines (it's better than yellow highlighter!) and writings of tips, equations, and PLEADS to the universe "please let me pass!"

I see those white flowers boyfriend gave with that pink tissue paper, which he gave for "encouragement". I thank the pink bookmark that doubles as a lucky charm.

I don't even need to say anything about pink Post-Its.

In any way, even heavily SLEEP DEPRIVED and CAFFEINATED, few things compare to the thought that by tomorrow


Farrah said...

What in my life is worth celebrating? Well, our semester just ended and I'm pretty unsure about the outcome of my grades, but I am so glad that I am in the PINK of health! I survived a UP sem (with thanks also to my BDJ planner where I write down all my requirements!) Really, with the changing weather, the nights I stay up to study and everyone else getting sick; it's definitely worth celebrating the fact that I DID NOT get sick! hooray! =)

Mhine said...

What is it in my life that is worth celebrating? First, me finding my perfect partner in life. It has been more than six years now and I still remember my PINK motif wedding day which changed my life forever (your dad & mom were there). Second, being a mother that fulfills me as a woman. I have always wanted to have a baby girl before I had my son. We'll, I grew up with all the sisters sibling and wearing PINK has always been my color when I was growing. Now that I have a son I realize that its much easier to raise a boy than a girl now a days. Jeans, short and shirt in blue or white is my son's thing like his dad. Lastly, giving up my work to take care of my kiddo and be a teacher to him while he's growing. There's no other thing better that seeing him learn so many thing from his mother and teaching him to be God fearing person.Now, I'm challenging myself to succeed in business ventures. There's a lot of thing worth celebrating in my life ever since, and I know a lot more coming up in the future. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

What is it about your life that is worth celebrating?

I'm lucky enough to be a woman! To love Pink and Hello Kitty and all girly-girly things, while at the same time confident like a belle de jour girl.

Christine[at] said...

Everything about my life is worth celebrating. The joy of being alive everyday, the happiness of being with my family, the serenity and peace of being alone, the gratefulness of having to eat everyday, or going to work, the complexity of issues being faced and the hardships in overcoming problems, even the simple blossoming of PINK flowers in the front yard. Celebrate life everyday. =)


Anonymous said...

What is it about your life that is worth celebrating?

LOVE for my family and the people around me...
definitely worth celebrating each and every moment/day of my life.


Who's the Sales Lady? said...

I celebrate being in the PINK of HEALTH.

I used to have a very stressful job that guarantees that I will get home when the sun is down and be at work before the sun goes up with about 2-3 hours in between for sleep and not much else. I endured that for 4 years.

As a result, my body went against me and my immune system went haywire and I suffered an autoimmune disorder.

It was a wake up call that ultimately made me take stock of my life and leave my job and transfer somewhere more conducive to my health.

My then company would not build me a monument even if I killed myself working for them so why kill myself by working too much and not living enough and missing out on life?

Several months after, I healed myself and I am happier and have a more balanced life compared before.

A renewed life and improved health is something to celebrate!

KayAnne said...

I finished my cervical cancer shots this year. It's not only worth celebrating the moment i took the last shot, but for a lifetime! Because i am now safe from cervical cancer! For my first two shots, my OB-GYN used regular nude band aids, but for the last shot, she used a pink one with a picture of a twisted ribbon in the middle (the cancer awareness ribbon). I kept it. I just think it's something worth saving. :)

Anonymous said...

Being a mom to a beautiful daughter!

Never felt so complete and contented until my baby girl was born. Staring at her while she’s asleep, giddily choosing her firsts, hearing her say ‘mama’ making me rush to her, seeing her smiles first thing in the morning, touching her face as she touches mine as she gives me a kiss… how can I not celebrate life?

I can’t wait (ok, I can wait as I don’t want her to grow up so fast) when I hand her my accessories, handbags, shoes and wardrobe mostly with pink accents. Whether she chooses cotton candy pink or fuchsia pink hues from all of it, I know she’ll be my better version.

Tanya said...

The first answer that popped into my head when I saw the question was the love of people around me, most especially my family and my boyfriend. Knowing that there are people who would be there for me through thick and thin, who would put me up when I'm already wallowing on the ground, and who would make me feel like I'm not just another dot in this world, it makes me see life through pink-colored glasses. This is what I think is worth celebrating a million times over.

Fantastic Fabulous Faith said...

I have 2 sons the eldest is 4 who is undergoing therapy for Behavior and Speech and a 4 month old who is purely breastfed. I work in a very dynamic company hence leaving me less time for myself.

I make myself sane by having short dates with my husband doing the grocery and having long talks over coffee with girlfriends. I need to be at the pink of health to ensure that my Quality time would be spent with people i love.

jessica @ blogger said...

The mere fact that I woke up today fathoming that I could still paint the town in a lustrous pink hue is worth celebrating for. Don’t get me wrong, painting the town pink is not about attending an exclusive party wearing a pair of pink Christian Louboutin pumps that all the other girls are lusting for nor is it about going around the city riding that hot pink Mini Cooper. Painting the town in pink is not just about spreading the glitz and glamour all over town; it means that I’m ready to paint in pink the lives of the people around me – painting it with happiness, excitement and love. I don't know if other people will agree with me but I firmly believe that my ability to love is definitely worth celebrating for.

Myca( said...

Belle de jour planner gave my life color and made fashionable as "pink" that can capture attention and worth. Every day is a happy day not just happy but happy as "pink" that can influence everyone.

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