Friday, October 29, 2010

ghd Girl

One of the cool things about having sisters and sisters-in-law is the fact that I  have an instant advisory team. I don't need to do a lot of research when it comes to cosmetics, beauty products, TV shows, and cute and cool stuff. Because they all do the studying and analyzing for me. So lucky, right?!

Well, I'm their go to when it comes to fashion and shopping, so we can all call it quits. Hahaha! But seriously, while watching my sister Dianne primping in front of the mirror, I had to ask her how she manages to make her bangs always look so perfect. Turns out she's been using a hair straightener to set it in place. Now why didn't I think of that?! My bangs are always so unruly, that I end up just growing them out so I can tuck all my hair behind my ears. Soooo boring. And mousy. And blah.

Guess that means I have to invest in a hair straightener then. Besides,  my SIL Lorr told me years ago that hair straighteners are also used to give straight hair those soft loose curls, so it's not like they're only meant to do one thing. I guess it's worth splurging on.

Lorr says ghd and CHI are the best hair straighteners ever. They're like the top of their class because they make use of ceramic so it's heats up faster, and heat is spread out evenly (this way hair doesn't get burned because with one pass, you get your desired effect) thing is, they're so expensive!

So before I take the plunge, I'm curious. Do any of you girls use hair straighteners regularly and what brand of hair iron do you use? Has anybody here tried out a ghd hair straightener? As much as my girls are a great team, they don't really splurge on hair straighteners, so I need more inputs, heehee.


raissa said...

I am the girl who cant get enough hair straighteners. I dont know how many I have bought (expensive & inexpensive ones). Chi is pretty good but yes its expensive. But, my trusty hair straightener is the Remington one I got from Target for $19.99 or $24.99. It makes my hair straight & shiny and it doesnt burn my hair at all. The keywords to look for are ionic and also ceramic. ghd is used by the salon I went to in L.A. which have been used on me. It doesnt give the same results as the Remington. I have bought others after the Remington one but I still go back to it. Good luck!

Eubelle said...

i have been using my CHI for 2 years. i don't know if you know but i have really curly hair. as in the telephone wire curly and you've always seen me with my straight hair ;) i love it because i don't get split ends from it and after one pass, it is as straight as i want it to be. with 2 girls, 5-10 minutes max is all i have to do my hair. oh the big plus is that when i go to the beach, it says straight. hope that helps.

kaye i. said...

I use Chi 99% not to straighten my hair but to give it some loose curls!! I hate the way my hair looks when I straighten it coz it looks so stupid and unnatural. My hairdresser scolds me for using too much product in my hair. He told me not to mess with it and to keep it healthy. I also switch to sulfate free shampoo and I mask my hair once a week to avoid dry and damaged hair.

But yes, Chi is the best it only takes me a few minutes to get the result I want :)

Cha said...

Hi Tin! I'm very satisfied with the one I use, it's branded Tresemme but manufactured by Philips. Got it from Boots in the UK but it's likely you can get it in SG too.

The Phenomenal Mama said...

Do write an update about this. I, too, have been searching for a good hair straightener that won't empty my wallet.

It's my first time to visit your blog and I love your posts, especially the one with your daughter wearing a pink/purple shirt. Just adorable.

Anonymous said...
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trina said...

i heard ghd and chi are top of the line. check out

however, my vietnamese friend says any cheap one will do because chances are they will all zonk out and you will have to buy a new one! plus, it's not something you want to use regularly.

i just scored a cheap x5 superlite tourmaline ceramic iron from marshalls. i almost bought another brand, the cute ones with free mini travel iron, but noticed the surface of the plate is not so smooth...

it works fine, but i think it's really the product that goes w the iron that makes the difference.

~tita trina

cd_mfo said...

Awwww, thanks for your tips girls!

Raissa, Modawalk, Cha and Trina! Looks like I'll start off with an affordable one first since that seems to be working for you. I have a portable one that I got at Target for $10 and I'll just use that and if manage, then I'll stick to that!

If not, CHI it is, haha! Thanks Belle & Kaye! Mwah! Mwah!

The Phenomenal Woman, thanks for visiting! Will do a review on that soon! Come and visit again! =)

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