Monday, October 11, 2010


Eeeeee! I am such a zucker for cute stationery. So when I saw some pictures on my friend Ria's Facebook Wall, I just had to ask her, "Who makes those?"

Turns out she and her husband Sonny are the distributors of PansyDaisy, a stationery line from Korea.

PansyDaisy currently has 3 collections: Magic Soup, which is distinguished by beautiful watercolour illustrations, and three adorable characters - Mayo, Titta and Shaa...

...who are featured in notebooks, folders, eco-friendly shopping bags and card cases.

Cooterboy, a line with illustrations of vintage automobiles, aeroplanes, trains, plains and ships...

and L'Apres, a collection of journals with scenes from Paris, London, etc.

Ugh, everything is so adorbs! I can never seem to outgrow this stuff!

is available in Australia, New Zealand, Russia, the U.K., Spain, Hong Kong, U.S.A, Singapore, Japan and now in Manila at:

Fully Booked - Rockwell, Fort, Greenhills, Eastwood, Greenbelt 5
Sketchbooks - Greenbelt 3
pencil case - Food Court level of Shangri-la Plaza Mall (in front of wendy's, beside zen zest)


Conchita said...

hey, i know sonny and ria too! didn't know they had a stationery line! love it!

angela said...

my friends and I checked out their stuff in Shang last Sat. Too cute for words :D

Anonymous said...

Cooterboy? Might want to change the name since 'cooter' is slang for womens' private parts in the US.

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

These are amazing! Can't wait to hoard them. Thanks for the heads up!

Eunice said...

Weird, I know Ate Ria and Kuya Sonny! What a small world!

RubyG said...

Oooh!!! Hahaha! I have this - the curly red-head seated... Bought it in Takashimaya the last time I was there :)

Kookie B. said...

adorbs instead! i should check these out!

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