Friday, November 26, 2010

Belle de Jour 2011 Out Now!

The latest edition of Belle de Jour Power Planner is OUT NOW!

You may order it online order through or you may pick it up at:
- all branches of Fully Booked and Powerbooks
- select branches of National Bookstore
- all Schu shops nationwide

And because BDJ has been around for 5 years now, diligently keeping a history of your to dos, goals and wishlists, they've evolved into a better BDJ, as we all should!

BDJ is now available in 2 kinds of binding! 
This year, you have the option to choose the binding you prefer. One is smythe-sewn perfect, which is like a hardbound book, and the other is the special double-wire binding that has been their trademark in the past years. They also imported special paper (textured paper for the book-bound, and a plastic-paper blend for the double-wire bound) for the cover. Whether book-bound or spiral-bound, both kinds are build to last, and both come with more than 60 lifestyle coupons, insightful monthly articles, and beautifully designed calendar pages to document each day in the year ahead.

Every purchase of BDJ comes with the BDJ Lifestyle Card! 
The BDJ Lifestyle Card lets you gain access to exclusive BDJ events and is inclusive of recurring discounts (in addition to the discount coupons) from our lifestyle brand partners. Click here for the list of 24 participating brands and the discounts on offer. The BDJ Lifestyle Card may be claimed through BDJ; upon registration at the BDJ website, and shipped for FREE! :)

Every purchase of BDJ comes with a BDJ Essentials Forget-Me-Not Notebook
If you need more space to track your special events, write down your contacts, plan your projects, make your lists, or even create emergency business cards in case you run out of them, this is for you! The Forget-Me-Not notebook is designed to be inserted in the front or back pockets of your BDJ Planner and comes free with every purchase.

What's more, they created three other varieties that you can purchase separately:
BDJ Chronicles (blue), a simple notebook that will organize your thoughts and errands; 
BDJ Basics (green), a monthly planner for quick reference when planning your social life; and 
BDJ Favorites (purple), to keep track of birthdays and gifts to the people most special to you.

BDJ is sold online and through retail stores at the SRP of Php 598.

All website orders will get 5% early bird discount and free delivery within the Philippines.

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