Thursday, November 11, 2010

H&M x Lanvin Wishlist

Noo ni Noo ni Noo....

Ok, I've decided. Belle, if you are reading this, I am an H&M size 2!

X marks the spot! I WANT THESE (in order of preference):

Belle! If you can get your hands on any one, just one, of these dresses, I'm a happy camper! So, grab one for me puh-leeeeze!

Oh oh oh! I"m feeling these two together! In case the dresses run out fast, I'd love to have these two!

Girls, if you want anything, email the item, color and your size to Belle at so she can buy and reserve the pieces for you too!


Origamidreamer said...

Thanks so much for this! I already emailed her...and I can't wait. :)

Rassell J. said...

Hi Tin. Are they releasing these only in the US?

Unknown said...

tin! i am keeping my eyes on the pieces you want. please wish us luck! trina and i are asking jun to drive us there. i am too excited to drive myself LOL!

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