Friday, December 17, 2010

Gift Idea + Blog Giveaway: Aquasana Shower Filters

Have you ever dreamed of bathing yourself or your kid in Evian or Vittel day in and day out? Especially if you're a mom like me, I am pretty sure you've considered that. Frances, my new friend in Singapore mentioned that some parents bathe their kids in spring or purified water, just because they want to be sure that the water that gets into contact with their child's skin and mouth is clean.

Think that's extreme? Tell that to a parent of a kid with a sensitive tummy. I was almost about to succumb to ordering bottles of purified water when Berry got a bout with diarrhea some weeks back. If only the cost wasn't so prohibitive! So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I got an email from Kris de Guzman of Aquasana water and shower filters. Finally, filtered water from the shower taps!

Kris, a self-confessed OC mom and clean freak, who also happens to pen a blog called OC Mom in Manila - about all her obsessions and compulsions (OC nga eh! Heehee!) - first discovered the beauty benefits of shower filters while visiting family in Canada, "I thought it was because of the Canadian air but my sister-in-law said it was because of their shower filter. It filters out chlorine and other harmful metals from the tap water, which can cause your hair and skin to dry."

But as it turned out, when it comes to shower filters, beauty is just skin deep. Kris says, "It was the beauty aspect that reeled me in at first (her pores became smaller and her hair softer) but as I researched about the product, I found out that it was actually a product for the whole family’s health."

So more than just smaller pores and softer hair, Kris shares that she used it to bathe her 2 year old (who rarely gets sick now) and customers have written her to say they were so pleased with the product because of reasons ranging from  less freckles to thicker hair, to relief from skin asthma.

Prices start at Php 3,850 for the standard shower filter and various water filtering products are available at the Aquasana online store. If you use the referral code "manilafashionobserver", you get a 10% cash rebate upon delivery of product (either by check or bank deposit):

Personally, I think this will make a great gift for parents, a vain friend or your sister with kids! It's practical and the price is reasonable. I mean, if I didn't get one from Kris, I would be over the moon if I were to receive this as a gift if it means thicker hair for the hubby, smaller pores for me, and healthy skin and a happy tummy for Berry!

And because Christmas is near, Kris (Merry Krismas!) is sponsoring this week's blog giveaway! That means, you can actually win an Aquasana shower filter of your own (but hey, up to you if you want to give it as a gift)! We are giving away a standard shower filter to 2 (TWO) lucky readers! How?

Just leave a comment and tell us why you want to win a shower filter,
and who would benefit from it most!

Contest is open only to readers based in the Philippines. We will accept entries until December 24 and  we will announce the winner by December 25, 2010. Meanwhile, I shall take a shower na. Smaller pores and nice hair, here I come!

As for you darlings, send your entries ha!


Eliza Santiago-Ypon said...

I want the Aquasana water filter for my family! My husband and I both have skin allergies, something we don't want our baby boy to experience. Having the Aquasana would sure help a lot.

Jenny said...

Me I'd like to join the Aquasana Promo! I already own one and we love it.
I've lived with skin allergies all my life, and now that I'm expecting, the pregnancy hormones have aggravated it in full force. The doctors have said there's nothing they can do, except make me comfortable with skin creams.

After a week of showering under my new Aquasana filter though, the rashes and the itchiness have gone away and subsided! It's amazing!

I'd like to win one to put in our 2nd bathroom, where my daughter takes her bath. I feel she could benefit from it too, especially with skin allergy genes like mine. Why not prevent it while we can right? =)

Merry Christmas! More power to Aquasana!

Larees said...

ooohhh!!!! I want!!!! how to join? this will benefit me and my dad coz we both have skin asthma/hyper-sensitive skin!!! to give you an idea how sensitive my skin is - my friends call me bubble girl. they always joke that i should be in a bubble (or wrap me in plastic!)

jam said...

I want to win an Aquasana shower filter this Christmas because I believe it would benefit not just me, but everyone in my family. I have been breaking out pretty bad and I can't put a finger on its cause. I just realized it may be the water in our new home. This filter would really help me get my skin back to a healthy glow. Also, I have a 1 year old niece who LOVES bathing! To protect her sensitive skin, we manually filter tap water using an old jug-like apparatus in the kitchen. We are literally "nagsasalok/nag-iigib ng tubig". Its really a hassle going back and forth from the kitchen to the bathroom... And all that water is heavy too! This shower filter would really benefit me, my niece, and my whole family.

Rachel said...

How do I join? just post a reply here? :D

I'd like to win the Aquasana shower filter coz I'm a new mom. And I'm just realizing the importance of super clean water for baby even if it's "just for bath"! Getting smoother, smaller pores skin is a bonus too. :D

(eye)candy said...

Hi! I'd like to win a shower filter to give as a gift for my brother in law. He has psoriasis, a disease affecting the skin ( but not contagious). We have tried many 'remedies' but all have given him temporary relief. I know it will not cure him, but if the chemicals penetrating his skin will be lessened, then it might also help lessen his discomfort. Besides, his 3 kids and my sister ( ate, smaller pores and nice hair daw! ) would also benefit from it!

Pretty Gorgeous said...

This will be a great housewarming gift, I will be moving to my new house this January 2011 and it will definitely benefit my acne prone skin:)

Pick Me:)

Vanessa said...

I would love to get this shower filter for my parents. I really appreciate how they've addressed their health concerns in such a major way by making tremendous lifestyle changes in order to become fitter and healthier. To be so willing to try something new and change their habits at their advanced age is something that leaves me both impressed and inspired. So a shower filter would be a great addition to their new health regimen and would be fitting present to my wonderful, health-conscious parents.

Lorraine said...

I want a Aquasana Filter! Now that most of my zits are gone, I want to do something about my huge pores! Also because i have KP, the filters will definitely help alot since it will prevent my skin from drying!

Unknown said...

i would love to win the shower filter to give as a gift to my parents. they've lost quite a bit of hair in recent years and they blame it on the quality of the water. they're also on a health kick bec they're in denial about aging (and bec they can be quite vain sometimes :P) i think this would be the perfect gift for them that would address their health and beauty concerns. thanks!

Tasha said...

I want this because I want thicker hair and smaller pores "the natural way". And it just seems like a really cool product. :)

Anonymous said...

hi cd-mfo!i'm a mom also and i'd like to win the Aquasana water filter for my 4 yr old daughter rohan. she had amoebiasis when she was 2 and from then on we are very careful with her water for bathing. i get really fussy with anything that touches her mouth.

it would be a great help to us. thanks! Merry Christmas!

marge medina
q.c., phils.

Joy said...

I'm eight months pregnant and I can't imagine a better reason to have clean, safe water than the birth of my first baby :) I'm a bit of an OC freak myself (my mom can attest to this, as she's been going bonkers on all my do's and don'ts on pregnancy eating - no canned foods, no MSG, granola/whole wheat/hi-fiber snacks all the way, fruitsfruitsfruits!) and if my cautiousness during the past 8 months is any indicator of what lengths of OC-ness I would go to for my son, then you can bet your bottom dollar I'd go to great, great lengths to make sure he is bathed and brought up in the cleanest, purest water possible!

So who would it benefit most? This little, itty-bitty fetus who doesn't weight more than 3.7 pounds yet - but who has the potential to be the next rock star, next magna cum laude, next whatever he wants to be! ;)

mrsfong said...

i have a 7-week old baby, a sibling with psoriasis, and my husband and i have acne-prone skin. if i won the filter, it would fix all those problems and enable me to finally show my mom that it works, convincing her to buy one for the rest of my family. :)

Unknown said...

The Aquasana shower filter is a must-have for vain people like me... and to get it for free makes it perfect... For the WIN! =)

Unknown said...

The Aquasana shower filter is definitely a must-have for vain people like me... and to get it for free makes it even perfect... For the WIN. =)

Jean and Rosz said...

I've been living in a condo for 2 years and have noticed being sickly all the time. maybe it's because of the poor water system that we have. The aquasana filter would be great for our family. And I am sure that we will be bringing this to our new home too. We are scheduled to move this coming March 2011. New shower filter, new life!

Sharon said...

I want an Aquasana shower filter because it will bring good health for me and my baby to be :) I am six months pregnant now and expecting a baby girl in April next year, which would be summer season here...I will definitely welcome a healthy treat for me, as a mom to be and my new born baby next year :)

ricegirl said...

i wish i could win the Aquasana water filter. never experienced a soft nice water feel ever since. our water here in isabela got too much chlorine and "kalawang" color. just imagine how bad it can affect our hair and skin here.

Chari A. said...

All my life, I've suffered from dry and itchy skin. It even influences or dictates my life - what to wear, what products to use, what places to go to, what to eat, what sports to play, etc. Sometimes it just gets tiring and frustrating.

Though my problem is due to asthma I feel that it goes beyond that because there are many good products and dermatologists out there but for some reason, the help they provide isn't enough. Since I started living in the province, I have come to realize that water is not as simple as it looks like. I started asking questions, why does our water sting? Why do I feel even more itchy after I bathe on certain days (I.e. after a rain / storm)? We've been so focused on just drinking clean water but in my case asthma is caused by external factors so bathing in unclean and unsafe water will surely counter any impact medicines provide.

If I win this shower filter,it will surely help me with my skin problems and more importantly give me a chance to live my life freely!

Mench said...

Hi Christine!

I'd like to have an aquasana shower filter because my 19 month old daughter loves to open her mouth and catch the water from the shower!! It's a challenge every time we give her a bath. WE tried using a bathtub but she just dips her head and opens her mouth. Having a shower filter will really make a difference!

jared's mum said...

hello there, thanks for this wonderful chance to join an amazing product giveaway!

i'd love to win this shower filter for my 15-month old son who has very sensitive skin. i would love to bathe him in the shower but is afraid of the impurities and whatnot! i always boil his bath water to be on the safe side, then just dilute it in tap water. this product will be a god-send! and jared will have the thrill of his life to final bathe in the it will be goodbye for good to his chicken skin and skin allergies.

hopefully i win!
goodluck to everyone:)

Unknown said...

I'd like to win that shower filter for my own!i think I to deserve to rest doctors

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