Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here's to 2011 Blog Giveaway!

Okidoki dearies, in the spirit of the holiday season, here's a little something something for all my readers based in the Philippines! As with online flash sale sites, this giveaway is only on until December 31!

One lucky reader will get all these:

1 J.Crew reusable canvas tote - got this at Woodbury Common while on a personal buying spree, heehee. Got one for myself, and another one for one lucky reader =) We're going to be J.Crew canvas bag twins!
(FYI: not the exact same design, but something similar to this!)

1 Marc Jacobs leopard print keychain - something I got at Bookmarc on Bleecker Street, a week or so after it opened, while doing research for a story I wrote for The Radar.

1 Belle de Jour 2011 Power Planner (for her) - because we all need to start the year right by being organized!

1 Navi Life Navigator 2011 Planner (for him) - because your man/brother/guy friend/cousin or whoever you want to give this to, needs a planner in his life too!

While another lucky reader will get:

A set of 2011 Belle de Jour and Navi Planners!

I wish I could throw in more prizes because I know you honeyz deserve more!  I've been meaning to throw a blog giveaway since I was in the US (I know, that was months ago already!), but demands of real life always take over and I just kept pushing this to a later date, and man, I have only these to show! Sigh. But enough excuses, the giveaway's on! Here's how to join:

Just leave a comment and tell me:

1. Your name, age and your favorite labels and/or places to shop at (in the interest of "consumer research" heehee)
2. What do you like best about my blog?
3. What would you like to read more of here?

Don't forget to leave an email address!

If you follow me @cd_mfo on Twitter, tweet about it, say anything! Just add the hashtag #MFO2010giveaway, that's an extra entry! =)

I will announce the winners on December 31, 2010.

Thank you for reading my blog all these years. Come along with me as we welcome 2011 with joyful anticipation - I am sure there are more places to see, books to share, labels to love, interesting people to read about, and stuff to obsess on this coming year! Woohoo! ;)


Min said...

1.My favorite labels are the ff.
jeans: Penshoppe,RRJ, Bench,Crissa jeans
Dress : thrift finds
Blouses and shirts : I am not brand conscious when it comes to blouses and shirts as long as it will look good and I will feel comfortable wearing it.
2. What do you like best about my blog? I love the drooling fashion finds, great pictures and giveaways!
3. What would you like to read more of here? More giveaways,please! I would also like to read in your blog practical parenting tips specially in dressing up our children since I am not really inclined in fashion but I would love my daughter to wear fashionable clothes ..

- followed you on twitter (twitter id:renaeh 28) and tweeted

Min Viloria
28 years old

Super Shaznae said...

1. Krystal Pearl Braga, 23, my favorite labels includes: Forever21, Zara, Topshop, Glitterari, The Ramp, SM Department, and Divisoria.

2. I simply love your blog because you are versatile and your blog posts is attractive and not boring because they are mixed, from fashion, to the new trends and everything that's under the sun.

3. What I'm expecting more of your blog is that more updated posts. More and exciting topics about fashion, life and career. And I guess just keep up the good work because your blog is amazing! :)

extra entries: followed you in twitter and tweeted about this giveaway.

twitter: itahl

Mhine said...

Hi! I'm Mhine Bernardo, 29
I like stuff from Forever 21. Their blouses and tees are very nice and comfy. I love flats too and got 2 pairs from them and lovin it a lot.

What I like about your blog is when you feature Berry..because she's cute little and your post about shoes and bags.

I hope to read more post about fashion and home stuffs and design ideas etc

Thanks!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family..

The Ghetto Gurls said...

Hi MFO! I read your blog for the past 2 1/2 years! I like the style/ how you write your post. Very informative yet personal :) My favorite part is when you take pics of your outfits in front of the mirror! :)I check out stuff at Zara, Forever 21, Plains & Prints, SM Department Store,Greenhills / online sellers for Bangkok clothes. I'm a cheapo hehehe! Happy New Year! More posts for 2011 :)

- Bea Dacanay, 27

Anonymous said...

hi manila fashion observer!
what i like about your blog is that it's a mixture of mommy stories and fashion.
like you, i'm very into my daughter who is 3 yrs old. i love to dress her up too.
i'm not really a fashionista(like you and berry)but i like reading your blog to know what's in and what's out.
right now i'm loving longchamp bags. i shop occasionally at zara, mango, gap. but tiangges are favorites too.
by the way im a dentist. mostly i wear scrubsuits for work so i fridays i dress up a little bit more.
happy new year!
marge medina, 35 yrs old
q.c. philippines

Anonymous said...

Janet Bautista 39
Bayo, Kamiseta, Plains and Prints, Mango, Giordano
and lately regatta for their tummy friendly shirts (hehe)
I like it that you feature high end brands yet mix it up with affordable alternatives; your choice of clothes are simple, functional yet classy and elegant.
I especially like that you share Berry with us. I have a baby girl Berry`s age and I get amused at just how fast our little kikay darlings have grown.
I would like to have more of Berry and your outfit posts in 2011. Happy New Year MFO!

Mel said...

I love that J Crew tote! Hope I win :)

My entry:
Name: Mel
Age: 31
Places to shop at: Marks & Spencer, Zara, Bayo, Regatta, Muji

What do you like best about my blog? I find out about new brands/shops locally. And I share your love of Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

What would you like to read more of here? More features on shoes! And bags!

My email is: melvel AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Sherry ( 32F, LOVE to shop in Mango, Zara, and Forever 21. LIKE your blog coz it's family, fashion, food, and lifestyle updates all in one. Like to read more about new Filipino designers making it in the international fashion scene.

prettywicked said...

Can I join again?! Hahaha!

1. Larees, 28
- I usually shop at The Ramp in G4/Shang mall for my work clothes. I like the classic yet quirky dresses they have. And the items are made of good materials as well! For non-work clothes, I usually shop at Zara, Mango, Promod and Warehouse.

2. I love that you blog about your life as a mom, your interests and that you are not confined to blogging about just the pricey designer stuff.

3. I can't wait for you to start blogging about Singapore fashion and great food finds!

Btw, we already have Happy Lemon at Promenade, Greenhills!!!!

Happy new year to you and your family Christine!

Giselle Acop said...

1., 29y/o, Zara, Mango, Topshop, and Massimo!
2. classic & timeless style and super cool finds, esp love the shoe finds and posts on berry, i've a 6 y/o but he's a boy so i live vicariously through the blogposts on her saltwater sandals and the like :)
3. i always wondered how you got updates on PH sales when you were based in NY, more updates on new retailers here and also in Singapore!

gjaneco said...

1. Gladys, 28, Zara, Mango, Bayo, Plains&Prints, Forever21, H&M
2. Apart from the fashion updates, I like your outfit pics and those of your baby Berry :)
3. More updates on Singapore fashion :)

gjaneco said...

Here's my email pala : :)

Marissa said...

1. Your name, age and your favorite labels and/or places to shop at (in the interest of "consumer research" heehee)
Hey Tin, I'm Marissa and 32 yrs old. Gosh I can't believe I'm posting my real age. Anyway, I like the usual suspects Mango and Zara. I also like Topshop, U2 and the tiangges.

2. What do you like best about my blog?
I love the fashion posts. You're my source for up-to-date fashion trends. I also find Berry super cute. She should meet my son ;)

3. What would you like to read more of here?
Definitely more outfit of the day posts. You've got style that says more about your personality than just the current trends. Love the way you mix things up.

I'm Razielle, I love hopia. said...

1. Razielle Ambat, 32,

I love Doc Martens.:) I don't really shop for clothes at the malls because I really enjoy thrifting. But when I do need to buy new stuff I go to Bayo :)

2. I love, love, love reading about Berry! And I like looking at her outfits!

3. More Berry outfit pics please! Plus your new Singapore adventures :)

kat said...

1. Katrina, 37 years old, My favorite labels are J. crew, Zara & BCBG... Here in Manila, i have a recent shopping discovery (although they sell only a few clothes). I regularly go to HMR along Pioneer st. It's a surlus / outlet store. They sell goods from Costco & other US stores. It's similar to Ross or Marshalls.

2. I love reading about your outfits, new finds, shopping destinations & cutie Berry.... & i so love NY (your previous home).

3. More good finds!

Anonymous said...

Hello, MFO!

I'm Diane Rosacia, 27. My email address is

My favorite shops are F21, H&M, R.A.F., Bayo, The Ramp and SM Department Store.

I enjoy reading your blog because of your outfit posts and updates on the latest trends and fashion finds.

More features on shoes, please!

Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

1. Nina Beatrice Lacson, 21, e-ad:

Zara TRF for trendy streetstyle ragged clothes; Gap for cheap yet chic bags; Levis for jeans; for vintage clothes finds; Rockwell Tent and World Trade Center (American Women's, in particular) bazaars; Aranaz for chic local bags --from clutches to big bags and now her accessories (or her sister's); RIIR bags as well for that streetstyle native-eco vibe feel; The Ramp for putting up everything local in a one-stop-shop store; Hongkong boutiques, H&M thru e-bay and muliply stores --I have yet to visit Hongkong's flagship store or the soon-to-open H&M Singapore flagship store at that, and of course, thrift shops in Cubao and Anonas area.

2. What I like best about your blog is that you update us, readers, of what's coming out in stores, discounts in the metro and all sorts of good finds, really. Like I couldn't forget that it is here I knew that Jeffrey Campbell will be available at Fashion Forum and that RIIR bags are going on sale --some recent updates that I have in mind. Your blog just keeps us updated which I really love. It just shows that you impart to your readers your finds and really research about stuff.

3. Read more?? About you. Posting outfit posts and seeing you carry/wear the clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc.

Following you on twitter via ninabeaaa and tweeted about your giveaway already.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year :)

Francesca,, 23 years old.

My favorite labels and shops include Topshop (for almost everything!), Zara (for basics), and Forever 21 (for accessories). If I may also add Beauty Bar (and Sephora when overseas) because I like make-up, a lot. Heeh.

Your blog is my go-to read when I want to learn the newest in fashion and retail. Your NY and Singapore adventures are fun to read too! I hope to read more articles on beauty and cosmetics:)

Unknown said...

Hi there!

Friends and officemates call me Diva, Hazel to the rest. I’m 29 years old, a certified mall rat who frequents Tango, Mental, Maldita, People are People and Shoe Salon for artsy and comfy outfits. I also get extremely pleased to score unique cheap finds at tiangges and department stores.

Aside from the giveaways, I like the features on great fashion finds that end in my wishlist. Also, I find the fashionably cute Berry really adorable. I hope to style up my nieces that way too.

I look forward to reading more about the fashion trends here and abroad, as well as the blogger’s tales on being a stylish mom. Love it! ♥

Hazel Tactay

My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks said...

1. Enter me please! I'm Bec, 27yrs old and my fave shops are: Zara, Mango and TopShop. I shop frequently at Shangri La.


2. I love how you update us about fashion!

3. I would love to see more posts about styling and dressing up.

Followed you on twitter (@wednesdei) and tweeted about your giveaway here:!/wednesdei/status/20450591763337216

Dyan said...

1. My name is Dyan Lagasca, I'm 21. I frequent at Zara TRF, Just G and EDC. I also like going to bazaars such as the ones in Greenhills and on convention halls. email add (

2. 2010 was the year when I discovered your blog. It was some sort of awakening for someone like me. I was never updated into the fashion scene until I discovered your blog. I like outfit posts also. And lots of shop updates.

3. I love Berry. I would love to see more of her. I also love to hear the latest news on the fashion industry in other countries.

Anonymous said...

lanie,, 34 years old

fave labels -- mango, zara

i like that your blog talks about fashion and trends. also about your adventures as a mom :)

i hope to read more about your singapore adventure and about berry.

Unknown said...

Name: Patrick Afable
Age: 18

Favorite labels: Marks and Spencer, Beauty Bar, Topshop and Mango.

Favorite places to shop: Zara and ukay-ukay.

Why do you like best about my blog? : I like everything about your blog! It's informative, inspiring in so many ways, lovable and it's the first fashion blog that I visit every after school! I've been a loyal reader of your blog since I was 15 years old :) God bless you and your loved ones and happy new year!

What would you like to read more of here? Anything about fashion and style.

Camy said...

Happy New Year!

Camy Francisco,, 27 years old, Graphic Designer, Artist, Fashionaholic and Professional Daydreamer

For Basics and Accessories, I go for Forever 21 and/or SM Department store.
For Layerings, shoes and Key pieces, Zara and Topshop
For the "Tim Burton" Lovechild in me, Bleach Catastrophe, The I Love You Store, Paradigm Shift and some random vintage stores at Cubao X.

I love your blog because of the variety of updates ranging from high end products to the low end. You update us with sales, fashion news both international and local. Plus, you have a very approachable vibe, without all the pretention and name dropping that most fashion bloggers do these days.

*Your adorable daughter is an added plus, giving the blog a cute moment and as an intermission between fashion and beauty articles.*

Hopefully, I would want to read more reviews on beauty and cosmetics. So far the ones you did by far had been very informative.

More power to you and to your blog.

Anonymous said...

1. Cheng Carreon, 26, Topshop, Zara, Marc Jacobs, Gap and (I have rediscovered recently) Regatta
2. I love the fashion (read: fashon!) stuff you write about, the quirky everyday finds and how real of a mom you are :)
3. Hmm.. I already love everything you put in your blog (clothes and baby things), maybe more of house stuff like nice storage things to keep everything organized? Or other pretty house related ideas?

Anonymous said...

1. Jamie A., 25yrs old. Enjoys shopping at Marks & Spencer, Giordano, Memo (and shops in other countries)
2.I love reading about your adventures in different countries :)
3. More about Berry and shopping :)

Tanya said...

1. Tanya, 23, favorite labels are Zara, Topshop, Bayo and I like shopping at thrift stores and in Divisoria. :)
2. What do you like best about my blog? The informative posts about merchandise people in the Philippines do not usually blog about. :)
3. What would you like to read more of here? More of your outfit posts...and of Berry's too!

TwistedHalo said...

1. Gladys Machacon, 29
I'm quite an easy shopper, I can find everything I want in Trinoma, esp. Landmark. I like shopping for shoes through Multiply. This year, I discovered, and fell in love, with Uniqlo and Forever 21.

2. I especially love your posts with Berry. Reminds me of Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella heehee!

3. I'd like to read more fashion "breaking news" and Berry posts!

Georgina said...

Happy new year MFO! :)

My name is Georgina, 26 and i love shopping at Topshop, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Adora (for Schutz shoes and Becca cosmetics) Warehouse, Mango and Accessorize. I also love shopping at Rustan's... especially the cosmetic floor (I'm a beauty blogger)

I follow your blog because you always inform your readers about the latest happenings in fashion, i still thank you for the head's up on the Jeffrey Campbell's @ SM's fashion forum. ;)

I would love to read more about your travels and "SPLURGE & SAVE" posts if you can accommodate them. :)

Thank you for hosting this giveaway! More power to MFO!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Tin.
I'm Maria Isabella, 28. I love brands such as H&M, Forever21, Mango, Zara. I frequent ukay-ukay shops for great finds.

I have been reading your blog and I love anything about fashion entries specially your outfit shots and of Berry also. Thank you!

I like to read more of your adventures in Singapore, fashion finds, and more of Berry since I am also a mom like you =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Manila Fashion Observer
Joining your blog give-away -- I hope I am not too late :-)

1. Here are my favorite labels: Bench, People Are People, Forever 21, unique finds at flea markets, The Ramp and The Landmark.
For shoes, I also love Ichigo shoes (from The Ramp.

2. What I loved about your blog is that you feature really great clothes that are affordable and attainable to everyone. Because there are a lot of fashion blogs that features really great clothes but were too expensive for us. Your blog features clothes that we can also buy and afford.

I also loved that you were able to mix your being a fashionista and being a great mom to Berry (and also a great wife of course!)

3. Loved to see more styling and fashion posts!

My contact details:
Lani Suzon, 31 years old

Mia E said...

Mia E, 21
For clothes: Marks & Spencer for business clothes, Zara, Topshop, Cotton On, Bossini, Old Navy, Dorothy Perkins and Landmark
Shoes: Schutz, Charles and Keith, Dorothy Perkins, Cole Haan, JC
Bags: LV, Prada, Marc by MJ,
Where to shop: Rockwell, Greenbelt, Vivo City and Orchard Rd.

What I like best about your blog is your updates on brands that will be coming here in manila and some brand features :)

I wana read more about bargains and the best places to shop (also in SG)! :)

Yey! Good luck and happy new year!

jane said...

Jane L., 34

1. that's gotta be Forever21 and G2000 Woman
2. the outfit shots! great finds!
3. more tips of on dressing well, esp. for plus size women like me :)

Laura said...

1. Forever 21 and Heritage 19881
2. So many different outfit ideas and brands
3. Where you get your ideas

Corporate Gift Ideas said...

The leopard Marc Jacobs is stunning.

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