Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cambridge Satchels are HERE!

UPDATE: So it's Monday, only Day 2 since the bags hit the stores and we only have 4 pieces left to sell. Sorry we didn't have enough! We didn't realize it was going to go this fast! We really wish we ordered more!

If you would like to place a personalized order, or would want to have a bag reserved for you, please leave a comment here, or email with your contact details! We have stock coming in March, and due to popular demand, we've decided to open pre-orders for April!

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Check out schu Rockwell, Glorietta and Trinoma to see the bags with your own two eyes! Feel the leather, try it on for size, and if you like it, then buy!

There are limited stocks and colors available, so hurry! Unless you are willing to wait for the next shipment which would be coming around March more or less! =)

For stock availability and schu store phone numbers, see


Mia E said...

hi i just want to know which satchel would fit an ipad? thanks :)

amischmashedlife said...

I want!! I better skedaddle to Schu NOW!

Conchita said...

i saw them... eeeps... can't decide which color though!

Anonymous said...


Pam said...

Tin! 14" satchel in chestnut / vintage brown for me, please! :)

Anonymous said...

How much do these babies cost?? :D

prettywicked said...

i can't wait to get mine in March!!!! eeee!!!!

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