Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Naval Academy

Look! Berry and I are both wearing "navy" shoes! (Hence the title Naval Academy, wahaha). This is an old picture actually.

Here, Berry is wearing Saltwater Sandals, while I am wearing the "pasalubong" (Not Php 10 million, like some generals supposedly get) of Sarj from Barça - alpargatas, better known as espadrilles.

It better stop raining here in Singapore soon so I can start wearing these again. On a sad note, Berry lost half of these Saltwater sandalsback in September, just before we were about to fly here (as in just about, we lost it on our way to the airport). I guess it didn't want to leave the US. I still can't bear the throw the other half because these were Berry's first sandals. Sniff.

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