Friday, March 11, 2011

Gimme Kimmi

Berry & I received the cutest package from Me-Ann Macaraeg of Red Dot Laoag. The packaging by itself is so cute! It's like gifts within a gift! Without peeking I could tell it was filled with goodies from Kimmidoll and Kimmi Junior. Eeeeeee! So cute!

Kimmidolls are collectable dolls that are pretty much the modern version of Japanese Kokeshi dolls. Each is 'lovingly designed and represents one of “Life’s True Values”' - such as kindness, happiness, joy and respect. Each Kimmidoll comes with its own collector’s card.

More than just collectable dolls, Kimmidolls also make the cutest accessories such as these necklaces with the most adorable enamel pendants...

Compact mirrors...

Jewelry boxes...


and charms...

Berry loved her Kimmi Junior too! I placed "Mimi" beside her while she was sleeping, so that when she woke up, she'd see her new doll. About an hour later, she was running towards me, clutching "Mimi" with a big smile on her face, calling her new doll, "Baby". Awwww!

Kimmi Junior also has keychains, which are miniature versions of Kimmi Junior dolls...

Kimmi Junior also has a line of coin purses, pencil cases and shoulder bags for school. Adorbs!

With the way these Kimmis brought us so much joy, I think these make great presents for both big and little girls alike! =) 

In the Philippines, Kimmidoll and Kimmi Junior are available at:

Red Dot Boutique
72 F.R Castro Avenue
Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
(077) 7722046

Red Dot Specialty Shop
Bonifacio St corner Gov. A. Reyes St
Barangay 1, Vigan City
(077) 6321168

Red Dot Apparel & Accessories
#57 College Avenue, Centro 08
Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
(078) 8440491

Tutti Footie
AB Fernandez East, Eastgate Plaza
Dagupan City, Pangasinan
(075) 5162900

Fetiche Fashion Accessories
Pacific Mall, M.L. Tagaro St.
Lucena City, Quezon

Rustans Makati

Rustans Shangrila Mall

Rustan's Alabang


richelle said...

they also have keychains and bag hangers :D (i dont know if i showed you mine when i visited) and they're also available at fully booked and bibliarch :D

cd_mfo said...

Oh yes! I noticed that Rich! It's so cute nga! Is this all fully booked and bibliarch branches?

raissa said...

I have been wanting to get this ever since I saw it at Fully Booked. Might ask my siblings for one as a birthday present. I think these are available at all Fully Booked branches just not sure about bibliarch.

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