Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sweet 16

Ray- Ban aviators, denim shirt: Swish Jeans, shorts: Old Navy, oxfords: Anthology

Here I am wearing a denim shirt I had since I was 19. That makes this top almost 16 years old. And it looks just as good when I first got it at Linea Italia, back in the day. Is Linea still around? I remember they used to have really good stuff when they first opened, and then the quality of the pieces just slid down the gutter. I got this when they still had decent pieces, I mean, hello. This shirt is still alive. I think I can even pass this on to Berry.

Speaking of Berry, she took this photo. Vantage point from her stroller:


trina said...

nice shot berry! love the shoes! both berry n tin's

Mary Ann said...

Hi Tintin!! I used to have a pair of shoes like that in high school, color brown and black!!
Berry must be grown up na!! Take care, Tita Mary ann

Anonymous said...

we have the same shoes. super comfy, aren't they? i love how you dress up. stylish but still comfortable; unfussy. :)

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Trina!!!

Hi Tita Mary Ann! Thank you for reading my blog! Heehee! I am sure you looked cute in your oxfords!

Yes! Super comfy! Thanks so much for your kind words! =)

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