Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vieta Bags at SM Fashion Forum

If you've always wanted those trendy bags like Alexander Wang's Rocco duffel and Brenda shoulder bags, and you're still dreaming about that yummy PS1 satchel from Proenza Schouler, but  would never dare pay the price for designer bags, then Vieta is your answer! 

Vieta believes that every woman should "look her best and have the trendy accessories that she's always wanted, at a price that she can afford", and to prove a point, has made a business out of selling trendy bags without the scary price tag.

This philosophy has endeared them to celebrity style magazines such as People Style, because with Vieta, you can get star style even without the star budget:

And because SM Fashion Forum wants to be at the forefront when it comes to providing stylish merchandise at affordable price points (price ranges from Php2,475 to Php3,475), Vieta handbags are now at SM Fashion Forum in Makati & Megamall:

Here's a better look at some of the bags at Fashion Forum that will make you do a double take:

Vieta Deyn - really edgy with that studded base

Vieta Audley - join in on the shoulder bag trend!

Vieta Veronique - a satchel for school or work

Vieta Eaton - doubles as a shoulder bag & clutch

Vieta Edita - practical yet feminine & fun with that giant bow

Convinced now to get your bag fix at Fashion Forum? Go before these disappear!

But remember to set aside funds for your JCs! I swear, they are coming soon! The wait is worth it, believe me! ;)


Apple said...

Hi Christine, what's the range of price for these bags? Thanks!

Caddy said...

Great looking bags. I wonder what the prince range is?

Anonymous said...

are they made of real leather? around when will the JCs arrive in fashion forum? :)

cd_mfo said...

Hi girls! Price ranges from Php2,475 to Php3,475. Made from synthetic leather =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tin! Love the post :) - Rissa

Anonymous said...

They're basically knock offs!! Please have the sensibility to edit what you advertise in your blog. Otherwise, you're going to lose your credibility. No offense meant, just constructive criticism. :(

cd_mfo said...

Thanks for your comment, and I take it as constructive criticism. I do know that some (not all) of the designs of the Vieta bags are designer inspired. I never claimed that these are the real thing, as I will never promote counterfeits. My take is, I write something in the blog because I like it, and/or if I feel that my readers will like it. It's not like I did not have the sensibility to edit what I write here. I was not paid to write about Vieta. Not everyone has the budget for designer bags, and if you know the typical Filipina consumer, she is really very cost conscious, especially if she is still a student, or is helping support a family. Why not buy a fun bag without risking ones savings? If I take your argument further, people who buy Steve Madden, who buy Forever21, heck even Jeff Koons are buying knock offs too. Now, to spend on fake items, that's a different thing.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the buyers of these bags be just fashion victims then? They are indeed designer inspired but they resemble the real thing very much.

PS: I'm not the same person above who spoke before me.

Anonymous said...

Plus, didn't Aldo got sued for making an inspired Balenciaga lego shoe? Shouldn't Vieta get sue also?

How would you feel or react if for instance a new reader just found out about your blog on the day you posted this entry. Then, you posted your next look toting a real designer bag. That reader might be led to think that it's not the real thing but an inspired only. That reader could be me cause I know someone who would write in their picture's description that she's wearing this designer outfit, but in truth, when I confronted her, she'd say that it's only an inspired one she created. Why not just write inspired designer top. She does this a lot. That would really confuse people.

Anonymous said...

My mistake. It was Steve Madden, not Aldo.

Anonymous said...

if people mag happily featured the bags, then i don't see why mfo can't feature them. she never claimed they were the real thing anyway. they may be designer inspired but whether you like it or not there is a market out there for these types of bags. college kids, young professionals. it's a global practice that's been going on for ages. all the designs of the signature and haute couture houses are perpetually 'copied' and trickle down to the high street and mainstream brands like forever 21, steve madden, aldo, etc. look at websites like lookforless.blogspot and you'll see what i mean.

cd_mfo said...

Thank you Anon 4:24 for explaining this, I really appreciate it! =)

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