Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

A crafty project by Anika & Tristan, our hosts

And so we're back from outer space! Got in Friday, and then what a busy weekend it has been! Saturday, we met up with our friends Lawrence and Jenny at Jones the Grocer in Mandarin Gallery. Then on Sunday, we brought Berry to her first Easter Egg Hunt!

 This little bunny went Easter Egg Hunting

My friend Naomi had this brilliant idea of getting the kiddos to make their own Easter baskets out of used boxes and milk cartons, it being Earth Day the day before, after all. It was also a way to keep the little ones busy while waiting for The Hunt to start!

 This is Berry's Easter basket

After lunch, the kids finished off their baskets, and then they were off to the grounds to search for hidden eggs!
Here's Berry and I looking for more eggs, with Tristan (the Easter Egg Hunt winner), behind us

 Mommy, how many eggs do we have now?

 Honey, I don't know. Mag-outfit shot na lang tayo! 
(Here we are resting under the shade, looking disheveled after crouching and running for hidden eggs...)
Berry: Joe Fresh "sweatshirt" from Tita Kaye & Tita Florence, 
Carter's zebra print pants, Saltwater sandals
Mom: Uniqlo linen shirt, J Brand boyfriend jeans, J.Crew belt, K. Jacques sandals

Solo outfit shot!

Berry went home with 7 eggs and such fun memories of her first ever Easter Egg Hunt! Thanks Auntie Naomi, Uncle Anthony, Achi Anika & Ahya Tristan for inviting Berry! We had so much fun! =)

Tristan & Anika, Berry's stylish Ahya and Achi, and BFFs in Singapore

P.S. As soon as we get settled back into the swing of daily life, I promise to catch up on blog posts! I have a ton of stories to tell you, it's not even funny! Yes, I have a whole lot, and I promise all are fun! I got bloggers Lloyda Lim & Laureen Uy sharing with me their shoe closet, our LA and Vancouver vacation adventures and the sweet, delightful new friends we made, a long delayed post on our trip to the Singapore Zoo, plus more more more! Stay tuned!


Brian said...

Will remember this line until next week: "Honey, I don't know. Mag-outfit shot na lang tayo!" Heheheheh very cute, Berry!

scarf rings said...

Oh! These kids are so cute. so adorable!!

--scarf rings lover

Cai Sio said...

Looking forward to your posts! :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, Berry is sooo cute! Glad she had fun on her first hunt! =)

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Thanks Tito Bri!

Thanks scarf rings!

I promise to post soon, Cai =)

Heehee, super! Thanks Kris!

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