Thursday, April 07, 2011

La La Land

Hi Honeys! Sorry for the delay in blog posts! Dear Hubby, Berry & I just arrived in LA, and I am still battling the jetbug. Let me get my bearings straight, and then I'll be posting:

1. The lovely lovely wedding photos of the sweetest couples ever to grace this blog! We had a blast with the BabyMama contest last year, this year, get ready to sigh and awww at the entries for our Annick Goutal Wedding Photo Contest!

2. Summer with Sassa...

3. And the cutest hair clips from Bob Baby Bop

4. Singapore eats: Santouka's Spicy Miso Ramen

5. Plus lots and lots of Los Angeles (In n Out, Melrose Avenue shops, plus Rodarte at MOCA, thanks to Martin's tip, etc.!) and Vancouver stories to regale you with in the coming days!

Ok, now off to bed, otherwise, I'd end up just writing about how well I slept in our hotel room! Hahaha!


Jenny said...

Tin! will be in vancouver too!! april 30 - may 4! hope the weather won't be too cold by then!

Mrs. Chai Tea said...

welcomme to LA!!!

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