Saturday, April 30, 2011

Los Angeles 2011 Day 2: Rodeo Drive

The following day after we arrived in LA, we went out to do a bit of shopping. Take note, shopping of the errands sort and not splurge shopping, hehehe. Dada took photos of his girls while we were getting ready to go out:

I think my outfit today will look good with Mommy's ballet flats...

Hmmm, I am liking these patent loafers a lot more...

Berry's top: a dress from Ralph Lauren, Gap skirt from Amah & Angkong, 
Trumpette tights, Repetto Jacksons

tunic top from AllSaints, leggings from American Apparel, H&M scarf, 
leather jacket from Hoss Intropia, Repetto ballet flats

Lighting is nice there, I want an outfit shot there too! - Berry

With my new Duckie - a gift from the hotel front desk, how sweet is that!

Same outfit, this time worn with Trumpette boat shoes from Tita Sarj & Uncle Toni

Soon after, Trina and Jun came by to pick us up so we can go tick off the items in my shopping list - but first, we had to pay a visit to my holy grail of sorts in Rodeo Drive!
Driven around in my stroller in Rodeo Drive, that's how I roll. - Berry

Barneys New York, in case you don't recognize that distinctive awning

We also passed a couple of boutiques I wouldn't dare enter into, because I do not want to fall into temptation. Not that Dada will allow me to, one look, and I know it is time to head out the door. So, why bother. Bitter ba?

Berry also finally got to meet the adorable Tia, and I finally met Belle (my sister's SIL and my online buddy,  now real life buddy) as well. Belle's friend Liza, the Rodeo Drive veteran (and in this case, our photographer) was there to navigate for us. These girls are all super fun to shop with. They just know which stores to take me to.

Rodeo Drive was fun! I loved browsing the shoes at Barneys, Neiman Marcus and Saks. And the bags, O.M.G. Too bad I was not there to shop for big ticket items. Well, window shopping is enough for me these days anyway. Talaga!


tots said...

hey! :) thats a mcclaren starck! how fashionable naman achi berry's stroller! :)

Unknown said...

This is really a kyot post!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

fun day! how ironic i found a twin in berry...we have the same bday lalallalalla singing......crazy!

posting a comment aint easy here tin! gosh i have to figure it out...geez...LMAO.

so i therefore conclude im anonymous....

hahhahah LIZA this is my first and last j/k

kaye i. said...

Oy! Those Repetto Jackson loafers... I die. It's been on my list for a year now and still don't own it.

Anonymous said...

love your makeup! what are you wearing? especially the blush and lipstick.. or is it natural? :)

neva | manilamommy said...

that pic of you and berry is so adorable!!! this is such a fun post :) thanks for taking us with you on your trip tin!

thisladybehaves said...

Great post! :) kisses darling

RubyG said...

Hahaha! Ang kulit ng inaanak ko ah! And I love the duckie!!!

cd_mfo said...

Heehee! Good eye, Tots! Kisses to Jamie!

Thanks Nina!

Liza! Crazy! Check out LA Grove post! You and Belke look so cute! You should get those sunnies!

Hehehe! Get one Kaye! Succumb!

Thanks Anon! Shiseido color stick and Kiehl's lip balm!

Thanks too Neva! :)

Thanks thisladybehaves!

Hahaha! Libre pa, Ruby!

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