Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vancouver 2011: Little Lawn Daisy

Fallen cherry blossom petals on grass, so dreamy and romantic. I feel like I should be wearing blush sandals with a silk chiffon dress, carrying a straw basket filled with freshly cut flowers 
from a nearby meadow

You know how ads or packaging for weedkillers would have little lawn daisies (actually, the proper name is daisy fleabane) on them? Well, I always thought it was a shame to kill this type of weed because they look so cute. Like tiny little flowers on grass.

Apparently, Berry likes them too. When Angkong plucked out a daisy from the grass and gave it to her, she was so thrilled, you'd think she was 16 and her crush gave her a dozen roses, hahaha!

Gap parka from Ate Carissa Carale, Zara jeggings from Auntie Kaye Yao, 
 Trumpette boat shoes from Uncle Toni and Tita Sarj

She wouldn't let go of it, and held on to it until we got home. So precious. She also held it ever so gingerly between two fingers, like a dainty little girl and not the "Destructa" (our nickname for her because she's in that stage where everything she comes across turns to smithereens) that she can be.

I also think Berry's look suits our lovely backdrop. Pretty in pink and red. I was the jarring image in grey and black leather. This was the same photo that came out in Style Bible, my look "inspired by downtown NY and French girls".

Striped top from Saint James (French), a cardigan from J.Crew (bought in Prince St.), 
a Hoss Intropia leather jacket (Spanish, but the showroom is in downtown NY) with J Brand jeans (uhm, got this at Barneys but downtown girls shop there too), Isabel Marant scarf (French), Celine luggage (French) and clog booties from No. 6 (Centre Market Place in Little Italy)


Anonymous said...

Berry is sooo cute! Perfect combination of rosy cheeks + pink parka + red boat shoes :-) Ms Tin was these picture taken by your lumix? - Noelle

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Noelle! I wil tell Berry! Heehee. The first photo was taken with my Lumix, the rest were taken using a Nikon D300 =)

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