Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Parisian Chic

WWD EyeScoop today trains its eye on the effortless chicness of Parisiennes. So inspiring, I couldn't resist a commentary. I picked out my favorite photos to show you:

I think these girls embody that natural, laid back, haphazardly thrown together (but not really) look that inspires the way I dress to this day:

 Ballerina flats

 Navy blazers, that scarf! Rolled-up denim. Pretty flats!

L - Love the sequin anchor detail on the girl's top.
R- Neutral color palette. The ruffle top is adorable.

 Love how these girls look slightly disheveled w/ a bit of shirt tucked in or the neck of a tee askew

A neutral palette, and that huge scarf!

This is the sort of "real Parisian girl" style that I love:

- barely there make-up
- tousled hair
- denims
- flats
- slouchy tees
- navy blazers
- scarves!
- neutral colors with bursts of blue

Study how uncontrived they look. There's nothing forced and pretentious about the way they dress. No crazy heels. Minimal accessories (I notice that Filipinas tend to equate style with over-accessorizing). You see the girl and not the "fashion". And once you look closely, you get how special her look is. It's how she mixes colors. It's in the way her scarf is worn. Or the way she tucks her shirt. Or how she cuffs her jeans. She doesn't look trendy, yes. But she just looks so at ease with herself. 

Even the French Voguettes have these in them. They're just like the souped up, high octane version of these "real girls". Natural tousled hair, check! Denims, check! Blazers, check! They do wear crazy heels though, but I think they were the first editors snapped by Tommy Ton to wear flats to Fashion Week. Ha!

J' adore! Vive le chic!

PS - I have been studying French style since I was 13, so if you want a crash course, you might want to get Ines de la Fressange's book Parisian Chic: A Style Guide. I bought mine from Amazon. Much cheaper there (then again, we have Amazon Prime - so we get free shipping).

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A Loopy Life said...

I'm in love with big scarves right now. They're so easy to wear! And you have Amazon Prime in SG?

Meryl said...

I love this post! I'm a huge fan of Parisiennes and the way they wear their clothes. Understated yet chic. :)

cd_mfo said...

Karen! I am a huge fan of huge scarves too! =) Amazon Prime for our Amazon US account. We still buy our books there and have it shipped to Manila. Still comes out cheaper!

cd_mfo said...

Thank you Meryl! Yes! Understated is a keyword. Love!

kaye i. said...

I miss my tousled hair..... aka porn hair. LOL.

Love the effortless chic look. LOVE IT!

The Missus said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I think I'll go get myself one too :)

Conchita said...

i agree about the over accessorizing.
it's how you carry the outfits that matters more than the label =)

and yes you do parisian chic so well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tin! I went to Anthropologie last Sunday and bought this book. Very nice read. All along I was thinking of you. You inspired me a lot for being a beautiful perspn inside and out. Next time you are in BC give me a shout.


cd_mfo said...

Kaye! Brigitte Bardot, not naman porn! Heehee!

You're welcome Trix! I am sure you'll enjoy reading it!

Awwww, thanks so much Cons!!! Can't wait for your trip to SG!

Hi Kate! Are you in BC now too? That would be lovely! And, thank you! =)

Anonymous said...

If you notice, none of them are wearing prints!! Do French people hate print??

thepinkmateproject said...

I love this! everything is effortlessly chic! I suppose Parisian Chic is available in bookstores?


cd_mfo said...

@Anon: I noticed the lack of prints too! I am sure some still do wear prints, but maybe the less garish ones.

@pinkmate: National Bookstore carries this book! =)

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