Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lazy Weekend

Me: Hon, did you know that for this week, my post on your outfit is the 2nd most popular post next to Cambridge Satchels?

Berry's Dada: Hon, I am not surprised.

Me: Bakit, how many times do you click on it a day?

LOL! Well, it's another weekend, and as usual, Dada was rocking another blog worthy outfit. We had just come from a fun, leisurely brunch at P.S. Cafe with our friends Tim & Sunny who had also just moved to Singapore from NY. Sunny (who grew up in Mexico until she moved to Paris to study at Le Cordon Bleu) & I are on a quest for authentic Mexican food here in Singapore (which is sorely lacking), and we both miss La Esquina and Chipotle terribly. Sigh.

Anyhoo, when we got home, I told Dada, "Let's take another photo for a post!". 

Of course, he gamely posed for the camera, and downloaded the photos right away. He even titled the album "MFO Photoshoot". Here's Dada with his seaside prep look - all that is missing is the boat!

Berry, who had just awakened from her nap, was not in the mood to pose, but wanted to be with Dada...

She then ambled over to the play area and asked me to join her. After bouncing around a bit on this 4-seater bouncer...

She wanted me to peek into this "speaker" so that we could see each other from both sides. Turns out I was tricked!

As I peered into the opening, she was watching me from above! Look at that naughty smile!

Now, she's awake and ready for more mischief! Hahaha!

Meanwhile, here's what I wore: a 3 year old shirt dress (I love the pockets!) from H&M, tassled moccasins from Renegade Folk, and bangles from Vita Fede and Alexis Bittar. 


ghoent said...

your little girl Berry is so adorable! =) (and your husband too, hihi.)

She said...

Love the last two pictures of Berry very much!

cd_mfo said...

Heehee! Thank you Ghoent & She! =)

Anonymous said...

nakakaloka that smile of berry!! you and your husby are really one stylish couple!

janie said...

berry is very cheeky! :)

shirin0809 said...

Hey Tin!

I got a kick out of the 2nd pic... with the lone fuchsia Crocs left on the ground! Haha. Feeling ko may art-direction chorva, pero I bet it got flung about by the yet-sleepy Berry in protest of another ill-timed photoshoot..! =P

Your hubby is cool to be game... baka he has a secret blog na rin... MR MFO! Hahaha!

Have a great week ahead, you three!


Gretchen Uy said...


I love Dada's outfit! Please do a series on Hubby Style. Hahaha! Kinda like Vogue UK's What I'm Wearing. =)

Berry has that mischievous smile! San kaya nagmana? Hmm...


Anonymous said...

Soon your husband will be launching his own blog =)

Berry's filling out and she's so pretty!!!

Mom-Friday said...

cool cool family you got here! :)
so refreshing to see dads/hubby so game with posing for wife's blog! :))) and of course, a happy baby always makes a post more fun and enjoyable to read!

The more I see your loafers, the more I want one!

The Phenomenal Mama said...

Hi Christine!

Berry so pilya and adorable! I love how the photo captured her mischievous smile! Naisahan ka! :)

A Loopy Life said...

I love posts featuring Berry and your husband (who's name twins with my son, heh-heh)!

trina said...

ate, i love PS Cafe!!! I used to go there after yoga.

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