Friday, June 10, 2011


When Ria, my friend from high school went to Singapore, she told me she had something for me. I didn't realize she had all these goodies from PansyDaisy! So cute! I especially love the pink card holder. That's where I keep all my cards now, and the best part is, I think it's my lucky card case. Ever since I started using it, I haven't been shopping a lot. That's good for me, it's my "saving card case". Hahaha!

PansyDaisy is available at:

Fully Booked - Rockwell, Fort, Greenhills, Eastwood, Greenbelt 5
Sketchbooks - Greenbelt 3
pencil case - Food Court level of Shangri-la Plaza Mall (in front of wendy's, beside zen zest)

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Azhezha said...

cute cute cute ;D

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