Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Shoes on My Mind

Did any of you catch the start of the net-a-porter sale? It was amazing! So many good deals, I had a fantastic time adding stuff to my cart, pretend shopping.

I managed to whittle down my cart to two items, these Marni flatforms at 50% off and the Proenza Schouler Rope Bracelet which was down to $80.

But I thought I'd sleep it over, even if my friend Me-an who was across the world in NYC was reminding me these things go really fast (yes, we hold shopping meetings online and confer with each other about stuff like this). True that. But I tried to go the high and noble route of waiting until I was sure, absolutely sure it was a go. 

When I checked net-a-porter this morning, it was sob, gone. Not in my size at least. And even if I wanted to be crazy and insane and size down, no can do, it was sold out too. It felt like these shoes were mocking me "Na na na na na, you caaaan't have me!"

Well, I believe in miracles. I believe these Marnis and I are meant to be. It was love at first sight from the very beginning. When these went on sale, yes I hesitated. But what are second chances for? After all, there is the net-a-porter UK site and the Barneys sale. All is not lost. I have faith.

Yes, all these emotions for a pair of shoes. I know.


Cat said...

i follow you on twitter and found out the sale through your tweet! I ended up getting a Marc Jacobs bag. It was such a great deal! Thanks a lot!

cd_mfo said...

Oooh! Wow! That's great! Good you did not hesitate! =) Thanks, Cat!

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