Saturday, July 02, 2011

Harvey the Horsey

A few days ago, Berry saw a rocking horse with a friendly face at Oddjects in Parco at Millenia Walk. Without hesitation, she excitedly clambered onto it. I let her rock on it for a bit, and when I told her it was time to go, she wouldn't dismount. And after going around the mall and finding our way again at Oddjects, she just had to say hello to the horse. In short, she fell in love.

I took a picture of Berry on the horse and emailed it to Dada. Dada sent the photo to Amah, and of course, she said, "Yes, yes, get it!" To cut the story short, we eventually brought the rocking horse home.

It wasn't a flight of fancy. Berry could never really forget about this horse. As soon as we told Berry she could have the horse, she couldn't contain her excitement. Every day she would say, "Berry, Horse!". 

The other day, we went to a mall, and I told Nana we should check out a toy store. Berry immediately said, "Berry, Horse!" She really had this horse on her mind all the time.

When we got home, I asked Berry, "What's the name of your horse?".

Berry: "Hah-vey, Baby Hah-vey."

Dada: "Pambihira, kapangalan ko pa yung kabayo!"

*Translated, Dada said: Unbelievable, I have the same name as her horse!


Eubelle said...

aww, i remember my eulla being the same way with her horse. All over costco, they were speaking of a cute little girl with a loud voice asking for a horse. of course, we didn't leave costco without it. by the way, the horse is still alive and tia is now playing with it.

trina said...

wow! berry, you can be in the horsey club with tia and moni! i love the horse, too! maybe one day, you can have a real one!

Cat said...

The last part was funny! and Berry looks really cute!

Mom-Friday said...

Sooooo cute!!! :)
I guess Dada's name is the only name on Berry's mind so horsey gets the same name, hahahaha....

My girl has a very similar horse in light brown, but it's not rocking :(

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute post! Your daughter is one lucky girl!

- Tasha

Sassy Hairsies said...

This is soo cute!

My dog's name is "Harvey" and that was actually Bea's (my daughter) first "real" word!

Special these Harveys.

Stay happy Berry. =)

Jar Of Salt said...

Probably my most memorable moment with Berry was when she saw the horse for the first time --- such a funny reaction! Wow, and she named it "Harvey" too :p

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