Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Back!

Sorry for disappearing just like dut.

Berry, Nana & I went to Manila for a quick trip for work-related stuff. So my days and nights were filled with meetings, brainstorming sessions and even a TV stint on ANC ShopTalk!

Please, be kind when watching my interview, oh and you might want to check out other ShopTalk episodes after (there's a particularly interesting one where they interviewed Chinkee Tan about the Money Mindset, a must watch!). I will also tell you more about the rest of my products here in the blog.

My takeaway was, it's a tough job to be a TV personality ha! It was my first time to guest on a talk show and my friends Nina & Marie who are pros in front of the camera had a lot of useful tips (wear more make-up, put on something colorful, etc.) for next time. My sister Nicole & my friend Dex saw the interview. Nic said I spoke softly, and Dex said I explained my products well...and I was demure.Which meant, I have to project, and practice my camera skillz zome more! I hope I didn't look like a pale ghost on TV, I must learn to wear make up.

Still, thanks Nic & Dex for the moral support! Thanks Nina & Marie for the tips! Will do you all proud next time promise. Neophyte, you know! And at least, my Ate Divine said, "Bongga pa din, I saw your Loboutins!" Hahaha, I 'm so shallow.

Anyhoo, because I was gone for a while, I have a lot of exciting stuff lined up for you, to compensate for my absence. I am talking majorly exciting stuff, some to be shared right away, some still in gestation to be revealed in time, but all fun! 

Watch out for my next posts, coming up!

PS - Yes, I missed you all too!


richelle said...

thanks for letting me try berry's hopscotch kids nail polish! The color is adorable and it goes on so easily. It's practically idiot proof. I definitely want a bottle (fiscal fail!) I just have to decide which color to get :D

kong-chu said...

i wanna see! can i get it on youtube? :)

janie said...

welcome back! missed you hehe :) would love to watch your interview! anyway, i can't wait for you to bring grandma's here, i tried other brands of fabric stain remover and i wasn't too happy with the result.

Anonymous said...

Where can I watch this interview Tin? I was wondering what happened to you, parang routine na I visit your blog and every time I visit, sabi ko still no updates? HEHE. Kaya pala. Anyway, best regards.

-Litzie Bernardo-Anchinges

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