Monday, July 04, 2011

J.Crew from Head to Toe

While getting ready to head out with the family, I just randomly pulled out a shirt, a pair of pants, and a belt from my closet. 

It was only when I was done did I realize I was dressed completely in J.Crew. (Well, technically Sperry Top-Siders are not J.Crew, but J.Crew sells it on their website. The glass bracelet that is part of my stack of bracelets is from J.Crew)

I know wearing one label from head to toe, is well, a no no. 

But when it's J.Crew, it doesn't seem so bad. Just perfectly casual and laid back.


D said...

I love your outfit. It looks so comfy and chic! :)

Stephanie said...

Love the simplicity <3 Followed you :">

xoxo, H A N I E!

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Vanessa Mercado said...

that looks so laid-back yet chic at the same time! nice!!! great style.

Anonymous said...

my god, you think you look good? next time, think twice before you post a picture of you in the net.

LegallyChef said...

richelle says berry makes the same face! hahaha i agree

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Daphne, Hanie & Dina!

I never said I looked good here you know! This post was about how I was dressed. And this is my blog so I can post what I want.

Hahaha! Mana sa akin si Berry!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 2:48 pm, other than bringing your attention to your uncharitable (and totally unfounded) comment, you should really try to understand what blogs are all about. A blog is a medium by which one shares random personal thoughts which may include images. No one is forcing you to check this blog and i hope you never will again in the future. Tell me honestly when you learned that the internet and blogs exist - my guess is 2011?

And please, before you post, make sure you check your grammar. Its "on the internet" not "in the internet". What a cheeky monkey!

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