Friday, July 01, 2011

A Pink Satchel for A Little Lady

I have been called a bad influence many times, because of this blog. But spare me on this one! 

My friend Naomi thought of this herself - that 11" Cambridge Satchels are the perfect size for our little ones. I would have to agree. Besides, weren't Cambridge Satchels originally made for school children?

Now, look at Anika rocking her pink satchel:

It is just the right size no? Naomi just shortened the strap and looped it around several times so it wouldn't hang loose. So cute!

There are still 11" satchels on hand at the ff schu stores: Rockwell, Trinoma, MOA & Glorietta. Just contact the stores directly for exact stock availability. You may also email for further inquiries.


kong-chu said...

Love anika's entire look!

Conchita said...

she's so cute! ang fashyown! haha...

and yes, you're a very bad influence. but we listen anyway!

A Loopy Life said...

OMG, that's too adorable! I would totally get one if I had a daughter!

trina said...

i like it! cute model!

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