Sunday, July 24, 2011

Samantha Sotto's Before Ever After

I don’t want to say that you shouldn’t be scared about trying out new things — because you should be.

Big life changes are, by their nature, terrifying. Being scared means that you’ve really thought about what you’re leaving and what you are planning to get into.

Fear isn’t a sign that you shouldn’t be pursuing something — it’s a test of whether you want it enough to risk failing at it. 

- Samantha Sotto, on her journey from hobby writer to published author

Last year, my friend Kris de Guzman introduced me to Sam Sotto-Yambao, "My Random House published friend!", Kris shared proudly. Sam had just signed a book deal with Random House, and her debut novel Before Ever After, was scheduled for release in 2011. Sam & I kept in touch since then, often times over email, and once over dimsum at Crystal Jade in Holland Village, when her family came over here to Singapore for vacation. Sam had excitedly and quite nervously talked about the launch of her book, but I knew in my heart it was going to be the talk of the literary community, if not amongst newbie writers who will read into her experience with a glimmer of hope.

Fast forward to now, and her book is now available in National Bookstore & Powerbooks (and selling out fast, as I type), and due for release in the US on August 2.

Sam's story is of the stuff that fairy tales are made of. And I am referring to her novel, as well as her personal journey to becoming a true novelist.

The unlikely tale of a young mom whiling her time by tapping away at a love story on her keyboard, while at Starbucks waiting for her son to get dismissed at Ateneo, to flying to New York to meet with her literary agent and editor at Random House Publishing in a matter of a year, is the sort of plot that aspiring novelists dream of. Heck, I think she is the first Filipino born & bred author to ever be published by Random House at that. UPDATE: I stand corrected, F. Sionil Jose is the first Filipino author to be published by Random House. Sam is the first Filipina =)

It is my pleasure to share with you Sam's amazing story, set in Europe, as well as Paranaque, Katipunan Avenue, Hong Kong & New York City.

Read about it HERE, it's in today's Philippine Star, and it's On the Radar!

Get glimpses of Samantha’s novel Before Ever After, at


Meryl said...

I read about this book in your column this morning! I can't wait to pick up a copy of Sam Sotto's novel, it sounds promising. :)

Samantha Sotto said...

Awww...thanks, Tin!!!!! :D My cheeks hurt from smiling. Hehe :D

Anonymous said...

Nice article on The Star, Tin!
Paranaque is now on the global literary map =)

A Loopy Life said...

I saw the book trailer for this and can't wait! (Aside: they make book trailers now? Who knew??)

Anonymous said...

"I think she is the first Filipino born & bred author to ever be published by Random House at that!"

Technically, not. F. Sionil Jose's novels were published by Modern Library, Random House's imprint for the classics. But nonetheless, Sotto's journey is a beautiful one.

Martina said...

I'm excited to get my own copy! Her story is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing it :) Congratulations Samantha!

Wondermom A said...

Hey Tin! Thanks to you I learned about Samantha Sotto and "Before Ever After"...I braved the storm yesterday just to get her book at Trinoma and I cant stop reading it. Im now impatiently waiting for lunchtime so I can continue with Abbott Thomas (spoiler alert sorry). I want to meet Samantha someday. Kudos to Mommies who realize their dreams : )



post free ads philippines said...

It's a great achievement for her to publish the book.

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