Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beauty High Tea Series: Studio SnR x Bobbi Brown

My sister Nicole was lucky enough to attend Studio SnR's Bobbi Brown Workshop last week. Today, she shares her experience with all of you dear readers. Makes me wish I was there as well. I need to learn how to put on makeup, seriously. Incidentally, for those in Manila, Studio SnR x Majolica Majorca happens on September 3!

My sister has always been the go-to-girl for fashion advice. But if there is one thing she’s not an expert of, it would be picking out and putting on makeup. Yes, that’s right. MFO is no makeup guru. (Sorry Ate. You said it yourself. Haha!) In fact, none of my sisters are. (Of course, I am all about skin care first, heehee - MFO)
Here's Nicole, no make-up

One day, I was online on Facebook when Ate messaged me, asking if I wanted to attend a makeup workshop. I do not know a single thing about makeup, so I ecstatically said YES! After that she made me choose between Lancome, Bobbi Brown, and Majolica Majorca. I had difficulty choosing but I decided I wanted Bobbi Brown the most!!!

For a moment I was hesitant. One, it was going to be my first time  to attend a beauty workshop. Two, I’ve never attended an event alone. Three, I was worried I would be around pros & enthusiasts. Lastly, I didn’t own anything Bobbi Brown nor did I have any brushes. 

My sister reassured me that the workshop provided all the materials and there was no reason to be shy. Hihi. I was easily convinced and decided to take the opportunity! After all, its Bobbi Brown!!! How could I pass up Bobbi Brown??? I have heard so many wonderful things about it! It was something I came across while reading Teen Vogue as a teenager, and my friends would often rave about their products. Finally, I reserved online because there were very limited slots, and then I confirmed my slot to the very cordial Sydney Go.

The event was held on August 20, 2011 (day after my birthday!) at Studio SnR, on the 3rd floor of Millenium Place. Millenium Place is a 5-story building, and is easy to locate because it is right across Metrowalk on Meralco Avenue. I walked to the venue from my friend’s house in Alexandra because it was quite near. I was excited and nervous at the same time! I was worried I would be sitting beside aficionados using all these jargons!

Thankfully, the studio had a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. It was not filled with an overwhelming amount of people. I was handed a cute, mysterious paper bag that later on I found out, cleverly contained make-up materials from Nippon Esthetic Solutions and candies. I was easily impressed because I was such a NEWB. For most people it would be nothing but for me I was amazed by even the disposable stuff. For some reason it felt like a Princess Diaries makeover moment.

I was led to a room where there were two tables with individual mirrors, brush sets, magazines, and a Bobbi Brown pamphlet. I was seated with a very friendly set of people. I scanned around the room and I saw this table with an array of lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, foundation, concealers, etc. I wanted to play with all of it!

I was approached by a kind Miss Carrot who helped me pick the right shade of foundation, and then afterward, Sydney welcomed me and showed me around. At the corner was a Coffee Bean mini bar where I got my favorite Chai Tea, and then there was also yummy food to munch all throughout the event. (We loved the chicken fingers!)

The class was really for Beginners. Ina and Noel from Bobbi Brown were very well-spoken, amusing, and most of all very helpful. I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know about before, like the pre- makeup regimen. I was even able to correct a lot of mistakes when applying makeup. The class was great! We all had a good laugh. I had so much fun and I really enjoyed it!!! Oh, and they handed out a loot bag too!

A make-up palette from the Bobbi Brown loot bag, this one pa lang, sulit the workshop fee!

What I love about Bobbi Brown is that it is light on the face! It doesn’t itch either. Most of all, it looks so natural. It doesn’t look matrona or fake. It enhances what you already have. It accentuates your nice features. It’s like it really wants to bring out your beauty, not replace it with a different look. It is really a practical, no-nonsense, pang-everyday look. Not over-the-top-im-partying-tonight. 

I think Ate Tin would enjoy it. Its very MFO. The workshop was absolutely worth it. I highly recommend the Studio SnR workshops! 

Thank you sooo much Ate Tintin and Sydney for the extremely pleasing opportunity!

Visit Studio SnR on Facebook! The last of this Beauty High Tea Series is Majolica Majorca, which happens on September 3:

Written by Nicole Abu, all photos courtesy of Sydney Go


Maria said...

Me too. I don't know how to put on make-up. T.T My younger sister is better off than me. She studied cosmetology in high school. T.T

Bobbi Brown?? Oww. You're so lucky. :) I hope you got lots of tips and info about cosmetics. :)

Your ate is very sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

there's a free Bobbi Brown make up lesson pa, and the cutest mini lipstick in the nicest shade sa loot bag :)

ChinaDoll Style said...

hi Tin and Nicole, I'm glad Nicole got to really get down and "dirty"! It's good she wasn't shy to ask and try all the yummy makeup treats :) The TRUE test is for Ate Tin to see lil sis Nicole, after doing her own makeup!!! :) We hope to see you in Manila soon :)
We still have slots for Majolica Majorca and at the promo rate til Aug31!! :) Thank you once again!

Peaches said...

I'm surely glad to hear that Nicole had so much FUN during the workshop. Indeed, she described the experience very well. Even I was just there looking and observing, I got really great tips from the people of Bobbi Brown. Thank you MFO for featuring the workshops and for your continued support. I hope to see you in our future workshops too.

Miss Naomi said...

Definitely a makeup junkie here. I have been collecting Bobbi Brown ever since I am a new fashion blogger and hope you can stop by my blog and take a look. XOXO.

Issa said...

wow, lucky you to attend these workshops! :) nice palette!

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