Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Day at The Museum

My friend Naomi and I brought our kiddos to Singapore Art Museum the other day. There was a children's exhibit going on and we thought it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon exposing the little ones to contemporary and interactive art:

Art Garden, "a selection of engaging artworks chosen for children and families", has been ongoing since June 30 and ends on August 30. In case you miss it this year, watch out for one again next year! In the meantime, here's a virtual tour:

Fruits, Wit Pimkanchanapong, 2007: Cardboard boxes, paper fruit template and real fruits

Once you step into the room, you get a feel of a fruit market. Tables are set up on one side, and you'd see parents and children trying to construct fruits from a paper cut-out (yes these fruits are made from paper!) . One can choose from six fruits common in Southeast Asia. Once you complete your fruit, you can keep it as a souvenir or exchange it for a real fruit. We decided to take home the paper cut-out and put it together at home.

Tree of Love, Ben Puah, 2011: Papier-mâché sculpture, newspaper and wood

Papier-mâché animal dolls, created by children and participants from non-profit organisations with the artist, decorate the Tree of Love to inspire social harmony. Pens and markers are on hand, so viewers can add their names and other ideas on the art work. It looks cute from afar, but kind of grotesque up close. Couldn't resist writing on it though, this was my chance to"vandalize" art!  Of course, I wrote down Berry's name! Hahaha!

Paramodelic-Graffiti, Paramodel, 2011: Toys, sand, artificial grass and styrofoam

Meant to engage children to "Explore the intricate urban geography and topography of this dream-like universe" the installation is made entirely of modular toy train tracks. Beside this room is a space where kids can construct their own "world" using the same materials. This installation comes with a hands-off policy, so the activity room lets you unleash the urge to poke your finger through the sand.

It sort of looks like an elaborate construction site, but watch out! Wild animals are on the prowl!

Dancing Solar Flowers, Alexandre Dang, 2011: Paper flowers with light-powered mechanism

Teaches children about solar energy. The solar-powered mechanical flowers nod, or rock gently, in response to indoor lighting conditions in the gallery environment.

Elephant Sitting and Elephant at Rest, Elephant Parade Singapore, 2011: Fibreglass sculpture

Two art elephants started out all white, but have been decorated with colourful stickers. The baby art elephants are part of Elephant Parade Singapore 2011 which is dedicated to saving the Asian elephant.

You can see up close, the pattern is actually made out entirely of stickers haphazardly placed across the elephant. Up next is my favorite section, called Mummy Dearest!
Mummy Dearest, Justin Lee, 2011: Painted fabric, wood and vinyl

A "fantasy candy-coloured world of giant dolls, complete with a wardrobe of clothes, shoes and an enormous three-tiered cake. Boys and girls can help dress up the dolls and decorate a cake for Mummy in this playroom inspired by old-fashioned cut-out paper dolls."

This next one was quite challenging I think, because you have to really think about how you want your "artwork" to look like using these wooden chips...

Go, Twardzik Ching Chor Leng, 2011: Wood, acrylic and coloured wooded chips

A giant installation that is entirely within your control! You can create a huge picture using the colored discs. It is "inspired by the ancient Chinese game of Go or weiqi, and the idea of motion and activity conveyed by the word 'go'". Once done, you can  photograph your completed picture and pin up a printout of it in the gallery!

If you have been wondering where Berry was all this time, she was napping on her stroller! So when she woke up, I took her back to the elephants!

Then she styled this outfit. Incidentally, she also chose her outfit for the day. She insisted on wearing the top from Gingersnaps with her Tiny Toms.

We also had our picture taken on the stage! How cute is it that the play clothes are the perfect size for Berry!

Berry enjoyed this one! A toddler's playroom installation!

Here she is matching the foam circles to the circles on the floor:

Superhigh, Dawn Ng / Hello Sunshine, 2011: Vinyl sticker, timber and Compressed foam board

Wala lang, arm party (as per The Man Repeller) on Naomi and myself! Naomi's is glam, mine is sporty ewan!

Of course, we just had to take a photo outside for posterity!

With a cute parting shot!

Singapore Art Museum
71 Bras Basah Road,
Singapore 189555
Tel: +65 63323222


raissa said...

Oh we didnt come here. I'll make sure to make a note to visit this museum next time I'm in Singapore. Thanks!

kong-chu said...

Nice! Will bring Peyton!!

Caddy said...

It looks like such a cool exhibit!

Anonymous said...

cool museum! more berry photos please!

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