Thursday, August 11, 2011

In Your Clozette

Two weeks ago, I attended the launch of Clozette, an online social network (think of it as the Facebook for fashion lovers) that is pretty much a portal for well, fashion:

I am not kidding, it is a portal! 

Take for instance, Cher's virtual closet in Clueless. Remember how she managed to keep track of all her clothes via computer? Well, at Clozette, you may now have your own virtual closet by uploading photos of all your clothes, shoes and accessories so you never forget you have them (you may share your virtual closet with everyone in the Clozette community, or keep it private depending on your settings)! 

Not only that, you get instant access to a community where you can share your shopping finds, socialize with fellow fashion lovers, buy and sell new and pre-owned items, as well as stay in the loop when it comes to new pieces from your favorite and newly discovered designers.

To kick-off their website, Clozette invited bloggers and stylish girls about town to high tea:

Apart from serving scrumptious treats, they showcased some eye candy as well via the Clozette closet:

Which also served as the highlight of the launch via the Clozette Couturier Contest. Participating bloggers got to play dress-up with the pieces on hand, and styled themselves in an effort to win a designer handbag worth S$1,500:

Check out the official contest entries here, and hey, you might want to vote as well. Voters get a chance to win a handbag too. Meanwhile, here are some photos of the fashion bloggers who attended and participated in the event:

Melissa of Melissa Jane Ferosha, Alexa and Esther Xie of The Miracle Season

Blogger/Musician Hayley Woo of Hayley Woo and her twin sister Jayley (aren't they adorbs?)

Wyelin Chiu of Eiffel in Seoul

Thanks so much to the wonderful Clozette Team for inviting me to your launch!

Join Clozette at and also Like and Follow Clozette on both Facebook and Twitter.


apple said...

Hi Christine!

It is on your blog that I got to see lots of event photos. My colleagues didn't share lol :p Thank you so much again!


Vanessa said...

Did a double-take. Was that you striking a pose and getting all flamingo-like in one of the photos? Haha.

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Vanessa! No way! I am way too self-conscious to pose like that, heehee

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