Saturday, August 06, 2011

Madonna x Dolce & Gabbana: Round 2 Entries


this is the best i can come up with (limited madonna-ish clothing. hehe). this is fun. fingers crossed ;-) thanks! - Pokoy

My 80's outfit inspired by Madonna's "Like a Virgin" video hope y'all like it :) - Andi


My Madonna inspired look is edgy, sophisticated, funky but most importantly it is wearable! This look does not discriminate, it can be worn by women of all sizes! =) - Carla

What do you peeps think? Different personalities, different ways of expressing Madonna's style, so it's hard to decide! But looks like Lulu, Pokoy, Andi, Pauline and Carla had fun doing their mini styling projects! =) Will announce the winner soon!

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