Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pajama Mama

shirt: Topshop, printed pants: H&M, sandals: Miu Miu, bag: Mulberry Alexa

Yes, I went out and brought Berry to playschool looking like I just rolled out of bed. Although this photo was taken when we got back. So it looks extra rumpled.

This outfit was presko, and I could actually feel the breeze on my legs when we were walking outside. We really should wear more pants like these seriously. 

My advice: Make sure the fabric is lightweight and soft on the skin. This is just made out of cotton. Linen is presko, but a bit scratchy. Silk would be nice, but too high maintenance in my opinion. And please, forget about synthetics!


toni said...

I LOVE IT!!! Really nice, Tin!

Unknown said...

Pretty, Ms. Tin!!! Love every bit of your outfit!!!! :)

RachelCrz said...

I usually like your outfits coz I find it really wearable but still stylish. There are just some outfits that are better left on the runway

ceaceacea said...

my kind of look! very comfy! ^_^

Run Around Girl said...

what i want to know is, where did you get those sunglasses? love them!

Issa said...

you look so pretty! :) love your outfit!

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